Tarot in the time of Covid-19

Covid-19 has brought everything to a grinding halt. You don’t need to be particularly psychic to see that true change is upon us. From social distancing to loss of work, less travel, and more time indoors – people are experiencing different challenges in dealing with new situations. Many feel like they need counseling or a life-coach to successfully sail through it.

The energy of the Tarot itself can serve as a powerful spiritual life-coach or love counselor if you will, showing you a path towards greater understanding and compassion.  Its energy very much reminds us of the 9th card of the Major Arcana, the Hermit. The year of the great recluse is upon us. Therefore, it is important to explore the symbolism of this global pandemic through these timeless images.

The open threat of the Swords

Tarot in times of Covid19

Tarot in times of Covid19

The first suit that comes to mind in times like these is that of Swords. The volatile nature of the metaphysical element of Air governs these cards and makes them quite difficult to deal with. Today, it may seem that the entire planet has collectively pulled a Ten of Swords and that we are absolutely doomed. Fortunately, this is not the case. What we are experiencing is far from catastrophic. It is a passing problem we very much have the strength to deal with. Our sharp wit and discerning mind are enough to see us through this pandemic, keep us safe and secure, and allow us to help our loved ones not only survive but thrive.

The stagnant energy of the Pentacles

Understanding the Tarot - The Tarot

Tarot in times of Covid19 – The Tarot

Any Tarot reader or psychic life-coach worth their salt will tell you that the dominant energy we are currently dealing with is not that of Swords but of Pentacles. Pentacles relate to the element Earth. This earthy suit, in its more negative incarnation, can often have an overwhelming and tedious sort of feel to it. Overbearing and oppressive, the cards present an image not of hard work but of toil, of pointless drudgery you simply have to deal with in order to survive. This sort of energy has transferred itself to the realm of health and global functioning, giving us a dull, slow year full of obstacles. With a heavy heart, we feel as if we are carrying a weight on our shoulders and every single task and ordeal appears as if it will last forever. This is the core of the problem and it needs to be counteracted with an equally strong force.

The empathy of the Cups

Understanding the Tarot - The Cups

Tarot in times of Covid19 – The Cups

Love is the most powerful energy. Compassion and empathy are just what we need right now. The suit of Cups governs this domain and offers us advice on how to proceed. Cups relate to the element Water. A more giving and forgiving approach is the way to go. Everyone is living under pressure, and mistakes can and do occur. A kind word or a shoulder to cry on can make an enormous difference. You can easily view any court card of the suit of Cups as a relationship life-coach perfect for love counseling. Their intuition is supreme, and their messages run deep. Meditating on the Queen of Cups, in particular, can give you much-needed insight into the situation. This astral conversation with this mother figure will bathe you in loving light and show you how you can help without putting any of your vital energy in danger. It is, after all, important to take good care of yourself first.

The trans formative power of the Wands

Understanding the Tarot in times of Covid19- The Wands

Tarot in times of Covid 19- The Wands

The greatest change, however, requires the metaphysical element of Fire. No true transformation can occur without the generative impulse of this primeval force. The power of the Will is something we all need to harness to bring about the improvement we so desperately need. In the year besieged by corona, it is time to wake up your inner warrior queen and get a grip on the situation. There is no shame in admitting that you may need a bit of help in achieving this goal. You can contact your psychic counselor committed to coaching with intuition to gain better insight into your next move. Take it one step at the time. With a psychic reader by your side, you will be able to employ their intuitive power and innate sixth sense to your advantage. This will strengthen your Will and give you a chance to embrace the possibilities offered by any situation – no matter how tricky it may at first appear to be.


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