2020 – The Year of Christmas without gifts


2020 The Year of Christmas Without Gifts

 Covid-19 has turned everything upside down. More and more people are feeling the Christmas blues. Professionals in the field of mental health call this seasonal affective disorder. It is a legitimate condition that is becoming increasingly common.

Still, what you are feeling may not be so easy to define. This year’s holiday season feels like a Christmas without gifts, without loved ones close by, without any joy at all. From a purely psychological, it is turning into a spiritual problem. Everything seems out of balance – as if someone has suddenly closed all our chakras and covered us in a sense of sadness. Slowly but surely, hope seems ever more elusive. We need to find a way out.

The spirit of the holiday season

the holiday season

the holiday season

The truth is holidays are extremely important to us. That is the way it has been since time immemorial. Our ancestors would spend the long winter in semi-isolation, with not much to do. They then took the time to celebrate what nature has given them during the warmer months. If the food was plentiful, if the hard toil has been rewarded – there was plenty to be thankful for. They also celebrated the importance of community and family. This is how holidays like Christmas and Hannukah came into being. Santa Claus is but one of many symbolic representations of this spirit.

Even the Tarot tells us of the cycle of the year. From ancient Mesopotamia to our times, such occasions do not really change. They exist to fulfill an important need we have – for gathering, for harmony, for fun. They bring us all together. If this need is not met, we suffer.

In 2020, not everything as it ought to be.

How do we stay socially distant?

socially distant

socially distant

Of course, it is perfectly possible for the seasonal affective disorder to creep in on its own. Still, this year, being quite different from the rest, seems to have inspired something much more severe. The wound is deeper. The energy is not flowing the way it is supposed to. The cycle of the year cannot be completed without this moment of catharsis and recharging. It feels odd. It feels awkward. As we press on forward, we keep sinking deeper into depression and isolation. Such a state of being can attract a host of astral entities that leech on such negative energy. It may feel as if they were feasting on our open emotional wounds. This must stop. A life-coach or a counselor blessed with a strong intuition and psychic gifts can help you regain your strength.

The benefits of spiritual counseling

the benefits of counselling

the benefits of spiritual counselling

As much as some of us are eager to avoid it, professional help is sometimes sorely needed. If all else fails, that is the only way to go. It’s time to prop things up on the mental, physical, and astral plane. All three need to work in harmony. Taking on a life-coach has many different benefits:

  • You will regain your innate power and be able to do more for yourself and for others
  • The holidays will seem a lot brighter, even if the circumstances are not ideal
  • You will have the strength to reconnect with friends and relatives you have not seen in ages
  • Ultimately, you will rekindle your interest in spiritual pursuits and reconnect with your higher self

Christmas is, after all, not about material presents, but about gifts of different kinds – of love, and compassion. A dedicated counselor can help you achieve this a lot more easily. Chase away the Christmas blues, bring back Santa Claus, and enjoy the holiday season. You deserve it.

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