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intuitive counselor – Live psychic reader

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Live psychic reader and intuitive counselor Bea, will give you an accurate psychic reading that it is impossible to dismiss it because it provides definite proof of divine guidance.

Now, there are a three ways through which one might get to the “knowing” state. The first is through “knowledge”. Knowledge is common among traditional counsellors or therapists who develop this through their personal life experiences. Such counsellors or therapists might have some basic training, and may provide quality counselling, but they do not have the depth of intuitive/psychic experiences to help a client gain deeper insight for greater personal change and development. It is worth noting that, professional training along with intuitive skills are important to help in combating modern day rapid changes and stress experienced in life regardless of whether one is the therapists of the client.

The second way of knowing is through intuition. You might have noted that some of the highly intuitive people may use such title like seers, spiritual advisors, intuitive counsellors, medical intuitives, or empathics among others. The use of these titles is due to the long standing confusion, social stigma, and fear associated with the word “psychic”, which is a higher stature of mind functioning beyond the body.

The third way of “knowing” is through psychic. At a psychic level, the two words – psychic and intuition – indicate the ability to bypass the five senses. Psychic “knowing” is considered to be a deeper state of the mind and the information known seems to come from nowhere, at unpredictable or odd time, and with no apparent reason for the timing of the information. This type of knowing goes beyond the traditional counselling session and it is very transformative and healing to the client. As a result, when psychic is the knowing method used by the therapists, most often there will be a breath through in fewer session because of the higher level of information/therapy in a single session.

Bea Kobran, Live Psychic reader in West Palm Beach, FL