Why Intuition Development Intuition is popularly referred to as the sixth sense. While we all have this sense, some have it more pronounced than others. The application of intuition is of great importance as it comes in handy when making some of the most pressing and life changing decisions and choices. And because everyone wants to make the right, relevant, and appropriate decision, intuition comes in handy towards the realization of this.

So, how do you develop your intuition?
Everyone is born with a sharp intuition for this is the guide for a child during development, before eyes in particular takes over. Intuition is used by a child to associate with the environment around it, especially its mother, father, and close family members. During growth, some develop intuition to razor sharp levels while other disregard it and it dulls up. The good news is you can still revisit and revise your intuition and with time, have it at the razor sharp levels.
To understand the process of developing intuition requires knowing how it is eroded. As early stated, intuition dies away after sight and eyes are developed and the other four sense kick in. Why is this? The reason is because intuition is replaced, repressed to the background, and used in very rare occasions. To develop intuition, you simply need to start practising it more often. The more you use, intuition, the more it becomes more amplified.

The other vital requirement when developing intuition is the development of a clear and pure motive. Intuition is like from the “good” spirits and whenever the black and “bad” spirits set in, intuition is quashed. To have a better and well amplified intuition, it is important to have the right platform. The right platform is that of positive intent, aspiring for the good, and wishing goodness. Intuition is as a result of the energy that emanates from within and whenever negative energy is introduced, it corrupts the rhythm of the energy therefore distorting intuition.

With a clear and pure intent, motive, and conscious, intuition will naturally emerge and when this happens, it is upon you to take it up and use it. To enable growth of intuition requires you adopt it and act upon it.

Bea Kobran

Holistic Therapist, Intuitive Counselor, Psychic Reader in Margate, Coral Springs, FL

Life-coach, Master Tarot Teacher, Certified Theta-Healing® Practitioner, Certified & Licensed Counselor

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