The Side-effect of Loneliness During the 2020 Holidays

2020 Pandemic Holidays

2020  Holidays


2020 will be remembered as a turning point. Suddenly, many people found themselves working from home. Plenty of others lost their job and ask to stay home. The subsequent economic shock was and still is felt by a substantial segment of the population. Of course, everyone became a lot more health conscious.

Still, perhaps the most obvious change occurred in the way we interact. Human contact face-to-face became less common than ever. Instead, Zoom meetings and WhatsApp took over. They replaced the real thing for many. Younger folks managed this shift well enough. They were almost prepared for it. More mature people, however, are still struggling. Many are naturally susceptible to loneliness. Covid-19 has only made things worse. We are left to wonder – how should we cope? What can be done?

The isolating effects of the coronavirus


In the age of a global pandemic, different governments responded to the challenge in different ways. Some imposed a mandatory lockdown. Others encouraged people to withdraw into solitude on their own. Unfortunately, practically no one considered what that can to do a person’s soul. Mental and spiritual health go hand in hand. Both thrive on sufficient social contact. Without it, our inner world begins to crumble. Some of the side-effects are:

  • An increased sense of loneliness, even when we are among our peers
  • A lack of hope and an inability to envision a better future
  • Loss of interest in spiritual pursuits such as prayer, reading or consulting the Tarot


Even if we are physically safe and in good health, we can still be painfully miserable. Our souls need perfect equilibrium to grow, to feel happiness. Our many-faceted personalities do not deal well with limitations. The spiritual alarm is ringing. Something needs to be done.

The psychic blockage


Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and even self-harm can easily occur. Under prolonged pressure, the mind begins to act in very odd ways. Still, one of the strongest effects is an inability to pursue your interests.

Let’s say you love honing your psychic skills. Tarot, astrology, or the runes are your passion. As time goes on and the end of the pandemic is nowhere near in sight, you feel less inclined to research and practice your favorite hobby. You discover imaginary obstacles that were not there before. You feel lazy. You feel tired. You feel crushed. You just cannot do it. The exhaustion due to loneliness has wreaked havoc in your inner world. Despite the outward appearance of calm – you are desperate. You are in need of change. You need action. This psychic blockage needs to be removed. We may be programmed to keep going even in the most extreme of circumstances. Still, after a while, our system can collapse.

You need a shoulder to cry on


Over time, you might reach a point at which not even interacting with your loved ones can clear your synapses and open your chakras. Not even meditation is enough. You need a shoulder to cry on. You need someone to help you fight acute loneliness and self-sabotage. Don’t think of yourself as a burden. Do not sweep your feelings under the rug. Try spiritual counseling. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results. A life-coach and counselor who works with the Tarot can use their intuition to guide you through re-establishing your connections – connections both with your higher self and your loved ones. You are likely to regain the ability to pursue your journey. The strength will start coming back. Little by little, you will become your old self. Not even a lockdown will be able to affect you.

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