Empath is to Sense others Feelings

what it means to be an empath

empath is to sense others feelings

By definition, an empath is a big-hearted and generous individual, the one that will show up in a time of need.

Most commonly, it refers to an overly sensitive individual. Such a person will be able to sense what other people are thinking and feeling. The idea may sound supernatural, but it isn’t. A large chunk of the population is blessed with it. Others can develop it too through conscious effort. Those in possession of empathy are keen listeners; they are the perfect shoulder to cry on. Able to feel truly and deeply, they sense the emotions and energies of others. Sometimes, they even have strongly pronounced psychic powers.

Are you really an empath? True empaths find difficult not to care.

Are you an excellent listener and the perfect shoulder to cry on? if you learn to navigate the gift properly, you can discover a rewarding career as counselor or life-coach.

Such a person’s ability to feel and understand the needs of others makes them extremely valuable but also extremely vulnerable. Unfortunately, despite its substantial progress, psychology does not yet offer an accurate test. Additional confusion arises from the general mix up between empathy and sympathy, with the latter being much more superficial.  They will help others – even to their own detriment. This characteristic creates harmony in the outer world but may wreak havoc in their inner being.

what it means to be an empath

empath is to sense others feelings

The connection between empathy and social anxiety

Needless to say, there are numerous obstacles to such a life path. An empath is naturally hard on their own flaws and can absorb negative vibrations easily. This often means taking on long-harbored resentment and even pain, brought by others. Some characteristics unite nearly all sensitive souls:

  • depression is common and can grow in intensity over time
  • a need for acceptance and validation tends to be quite strong
  • alcohol abuse can emerge if disorders are not addressed and treater correctly (an accurate test is essential)
  • the individual may require professional help in the realm of psychology and psychiatry

All of the above can also be addressed by an experienced intuitive healer but coordination with the advice of a medical professional is essential.

Psychic gifts of an Empath

psychic gifts of an empath

empath is to sense others feelings

The gift of empathy may  also come with another innate talent. Psychic power is the ability to sense or know something beyond the information that is available to the individual through common means. The conviction in the accuracy of these messages is likely to be strong. Often, the outcome will match your gut feeling. These powers manifest in several different ways:

  • clairvoyance, an ability to “see” events belonging to the past or the future
  • clairaudience, a nearly miraculous way to “hear” stimuli from beyond our realm
  • clairsentience, a unique manner of sensing vibrations in the astral plane
how to heal an empath sensitive soul

empath is to sense others feelings


if you know how to use any of these, you can be of great help to others. You can guide them toward reaching their true spiritual potential. Sadly, this will also drain your batteries rather quickly. Use it wisely. Many gifted people will turn it into a profession and find employment as a counselor, a life coach, or an intuitive healer.

Way to heal an empath  sensitive soul

In order to heal themselves, they often turn to nature and its creatures. Water landscapes, mountain views and meditation out of your office of practice, can be extremely helpful. Moher Nature can be a “sponge” of these negative energies.

If you feel like you need to regain the balance and strengthen your shield, you can always turn to another, more experienced professional. Take that decisive step and improve your overall well-being.  Their helping hand will allow you to deal with disorders such as depression, social anxiety, and alcohol abuse – and ultimately lead a happy and fulfilled life, An empath makes others happy but should also be able to make themselves feel the same.

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