the healing of a nation

We live in a rather tense political climate. The nation is supposed to represent community, unity, and harmony. It is, in theory, a source of goodness, support, and identity. Unfortunately, it isn’t always so. The “us versus them” mentality can and often does wreak havoc. The resulting conflict between two opposing tribes, ethnic or religious groups, or even countries is guaranteed to leave deep scars that may remain aching for decades to come. This affects the group, as well as the individual. So how do we solve this issue? What would a wise spiritual healer do? Can a life coach help a tyrant become a benevolent ruler? Can we really make a difference? Healing of the nation requires a bit more than just prayer. It can be an arduous process, but it is ultimately worth the effort.

the healing of a nation

the healing of a nation

Finding the causes of emotional wounds

Where does it all start? The truth is, we cannot fix anything unless we know what has caused the issue in the first place. Addressing the core of the problem is essential. Our own national karmic debt usually stems from times of crisis. The root cause can lie in false beliefs and hunger for power. Misinterpretation of holy scriptures is a common starting point for conflict. Corrupt leaders manipulate the wise words of old to suit their own needs. Bullies take over, posing as saviors. Divisionism and racism follow. The people, eager to reinforce their sense of identity, strengthen their position, and longing for peace fall into a trap. The results are all but catastrophic. This can lead to political strife and ever armed conflict. Even when the bloodbath subsides, the emotional wounds can run deep for decades – even centuries.

The accumulation of karmic debt

We do not live in a moral vacuum where “anything goes”. Quite the contrary. The Universe does indeed have a few rules. It is important to be aware of them. Stirring up conflict and chaos creates its own karmic debt for both: the perpetuators and the followers.

This accumulation of karmic debt carries a substantial number of long-term consequences, because violence creates a massive karmic disbalance. The debt these crimes generate can easily inspire punishment from above. It is not uncommon for future generations to pay for the sins of their ancestors. This is the last thing any self-conscious nation wants. If negative karma has already been accumulated, the people remain in dire need of spiritual healing. There is no way forward without it.

the accumulation of karmic debt

the accumulation of karmic debt

A new awakening

Fortunately, change is upon us. The new eon can create a tremendous shift. This so-called Age of Aquarius tends to remove old, dysfunctional beliefs and inspire people to embrace the new age. This is a universal move into a more harmonious realm. With it, vibrations become in sync with the Universe. Any spiritual counselor will confirm this. It affects nations and individuals alike. Prayer and meditation are good ways to help with the shift. Still, that will not always be enough. Hard work and dedication are needed. A razor-sharp focus can also be of use. Striving towards peace requires the ability to stay on track. The process of pruning away ignorance and hate will take a while.   Once karma is created, it has his own memory which carries from generation to generation, if no healing is applied.  The new awakening may require the help of an empathic leader-politician and healer.

A holistic approach to spiritual healing

The healing of the nation is never an easy process. In order to achieve this, it is important to address all aspects of the issue at hand. Everything is ought to be considered by the psychic counselor. The ways the holy scriptures are interpreted might need a bit of an update. Old myths and false assumptions should be cast away. Instead, an effort to understand the motives of the “other side” can bring about greater benefits to the community. The ability to see our own shortcomings is also crucial. It will allow us to assume a more realistic stance and ultimately bring us closer together. It will also prevent future conflict and ultimately save lives. Only a truly holistic approach to group healing therapy can bring about a better tomorrow.


Addressing the needs of the individual

National and religious conflict, as well as its consequences, do not only affect nations in the abstract sense of the word. They also cause much harm to the individual. Of course, everyone comes to this world with their own, unique spiritual makeup and hidden psychic gifts. We react differently to certain situations, but one thing unites us all – dramatic events brought about by our communities leave marks on our soul. If you’ve been through much, you may feel like you need the services of a spiritual counselor. Healing therapy can make an enormous difference in how you approach the topic of your and your nation’s past. With the right guidance, you can begin to embrace love, heal old trauma, and learn to interact with people in good faith. A psychic counselor or an intuitive healer can help on every level. Let us face it – even entire countries sometimes need a life coach.

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