Love is in the Air 

Love is in the AIR - part 1

Love is in the AIR

Throughout millennia-long history, love has been one of the main concerns of humans. No other emotion or activity brings more pleasure but, at the same time, no other can bring about more pain than romance. Men and women have spent countless hours in rapture and divine bliss when in company of the object of their affection but have shed an equal number of tears, pining over unrequited love or a sweetheart that is no more. Most songs out there, along with most novels and motion pictures are centered around the matters of the heart. This goes to show how deeply important the concept is and how, for most individuals at least, life can barely be imagined without that extra spark and extra warmth that love brings.

love is in the air

love is in the air

An equal amount of pleasure and pain can arise from this situation – it hardly takes a psychic to tell us that. We cannot stop but think how genuinely difficult it must be for two people to like one another – at the same time, in the same circumstances, at just the right moment so that it fits both of their mundane schedules and their karmic path. That divine match – not a simple physical attraction – but a match between two twin flames is most certainly not something that comes around the corner every day and that we can pick and choose from. It is perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity and one that we ought to work on and work hard – for some, even with the help of a counselor or a life-coach. Why is that?

Love is in the Air, but:

Isn’t love something that happens naturally?

Isn’t that enough?

I can almost hear many of the readers asking. It isn’t necessarily so. Sometimes, even the most intense romantic attraction and personal compatibility are not enough for a smooth ride. Challenges arise on both the rational and the psychic levels of communication and the belief system that each holds can (and often does) stand in the way. How does one go about solving this conundrum then?

First, it is important to go back to the core of the situation and understand how attraction forms on every level – mental, spiritual, psychic, emotional and, of course, physical. Nature brought our five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch to perfection so that we may select our mate to the best of our abilities. Our gift to join and procreate is, after all, a matter of the survival of the species and, as such, is something evolution took great care of to develop. Still, this sort of hard-core focus on purely scientific aspects of human existence does not fully explain how we come together in the romantic sense of the word.

Love is in the Air – The Energy Sense

The missing piece of the puzzle is our sixth sense, so to speak, an energy drawing us together that simply goes beyond the constraints of purely physical attraction – reaching into the psychic and the spiritual. We shall call this type of energy Extrasensory Perception. To some, this will sound extremely familiar and its existence will fit right into their present belief system. For others, it may require further explanation and a bit of a spiritual overhaul in order for it to make way into the way their minds naturally work. In essence, what our physical senses deliver is further amplified by our sixth sense which works in unison with the previous five in order to boost the final result and allow us to select just the right mate for the purpose of not only procreating but also of enjoying life together for the years to come. Humankind is, after all, one of the rare species that mates for life.

Extrasensory Perception – Intuition

This sort of psychic connection – Extrasensory Perception – is often referred to as “chemistry”. There is however very little that is physical or, as the name would suggest, scientific about it. This concept is confined to the realm of intuition – something that your psychic counselor or life-coach may be better at explaining to you rather than a biologist or clinical psychologist. While some triggers are still “chemical” – such as your potential mate’s scent and the immediate sexual urge it may generate when they come close – a lot of this sixth sense is simply a matter of purely energetic forms and vibrations that exist on a higher plane. They cannot be measured by contemporary scientific means and cannot be detected by human-made apparatus. Instead, they are in the realm of the spirit – of the immortal soul.

The story however does not end here. In the second part of this story, we will go into greater intricacies of the ways in which this sixth sense functions and how it can be honed and sharpened to make our ability to find the right love partner even better. A new belief system – one attuned with our psychic potential and our Divine being – can bring about a lot more joy and a lot more happiness than we had ever hoped for.

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