Life in Times of Covid19

Life in times of covid19

Life in times of covid19

Who would have thought that our world would change so much? In a matter of months – even weeks – we went from being an outgoing society to a planet of hermits and recluses. Air travel has dropped to an all-time low, all holidays are canceled, restaurants are barely functioning, and almost half of the people are working from home. Due to the coronavirus, it sounds like an apocalypse is upon us. While the end of days may not be near, we do not need a Crystal Bowl to see that we have gone through a tremendous transformation. In such circumstances, it is only rational to assume that one of the most important aspects of our existence – love – will be affected too.

Coping with the “new normal”

Human psychology is a strange thing. The more we are unable to have something, the more we want it. Now, in the time of coronavirus, love is all we can think of. It is as if we have more of it to give than ever before. Our rational mind may tell us to drop it for a while and focus on other things but our intuition – our heart – simply will not budge. So many of us need a harmonious relationship to thrive.

life in times of covid19 - stay home

life in times of covid19 – stay home

The power to adapt

There is no shame in admitting that, in these new circumstances, our psychic gut feelings are again put to the test. The Healer-Mind feels constrained and unable to function. Things simply must be navigated differently. Luckily, human intelligence is rooted in our ability to adapt. It has been that way ever since our first steps as a species.

As time went on, we discovered potential tools and we learned how to use them. If we were given none by nature, we found a way to make our own. This approach has pushed us through millennia of evolution and brought us where we are today. Once again, it is time to turn on our intuition, reconnect with our inventive ancestors, and get a grip on the situation. This applies not only to perfectly practical daily tasks but to our approach to emotions and spirituality as well.

life in times of covid-19 - save lives

life in times of covid-19 – save lives

Looking within and finding your spiritual core

In the year of corona-virus and other calamities, the sense of fear is very real. Still, there is another, more positive aspect of the situation that is well worth considering – psychic gut feelings are highly likely to be at their peak. The potential for healing is there. The idea is not exactly a novel one.

In the times of old, hermits and recluses – wise women and men – would retreat to a cave, or perhaps deep into the woods, to listen to the murmurs of nature and the rhythm of their own hearts. Connecting the nuances of psychology and energy work, they would commune with spirit guides or a certain divinity and, due to this natural lack of external stimuli, sharpen their intuition to a fine point. This would then allow them to receive psychic visions, using their own mind as a blank canvas.

life in the year of corona-virus

life in the year of corona-virus

From Tarot to Theta-Healing

Techniques ranging from employing a black mirror to Tarot reading are an excellent way to engage with the forces beyond our physical plane. Receiving messages from the other side is not as difficult as it may at first appear. It can help you in answering countless questions – from inquiries about lofty spiritual pursuits to perfectly mundane topics such as solving financial problems. Of course, the matters of the heart hold a special place in any session and should also be covered in detail.

Ultimately, we cannot deny that daily living is more difficult than it was. Activities ranging from mere grocery shopping to flirting, and going to places were singles mingle, present a challenge we have never encountered before. Social distancing makes everything quite different. It is then no wonder that you may feel a bit out of balance and even unable to find your inner voice. Discovering a new spiritual center takes time. Theta-Healing, Chakra balancing, and even following the laws of Feng-Shui would help you find your long-lost strength.

life in times of covid-19

life in times of covid-19

Covid19 has slow down the world

Do not be afraid to ask for help

To cope with this new reality, you will need to find the strength to approach everything in a perfectly novel manner. Coronavirus is not going away any time soon so you may as well seek ways to stay safe, keep your income steady, protect your sanity, find peace, and maintain your love life alive. Discussing everything with your psychic over a Tarot or Reiki session could help you clarify a few points. With self-introspection, healing, and guided meditation, you will be able to discover your inner goddess and walk the path that is best for you and your loved ones.

life in times of covid-19

life in times of covid19

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