Tarot reading for The Hermit # 9

Tarot reading for The Hermit # 9

Associated with # 9 – Element Earth – Sign Virgo – Planet Saturn

 Duty and Service to others

“The answer lies within, I need some space”

The Hermit isn’t part of our collective consciousness, he loves to isolate himself and contemplate. He trails the light of wisdom for others to follow. These personalities attract fellow seekers and believers. Historically this was reserved to virgins, nuns, priests and more type of service-oriented religious people that devote themselves to their communities.

You interpret this Tarot card as a total commitment of someone that devotes his life to a single cause. Alternatively, this could also mean  rigidity, denial and lack of flexibility to compromise with reality.

The tarot reading interpretation for The Hermit #9  also refers to the search for mystical enlightenment that may require isolation. Another interpretation of this tarot card could point to celibacy that goes along with deviant passions under the puritan mantle. This card can also be the sign of an extreme commitment to a diet, sacrificing cravings of tasty food.  Saturn influence makes this character an observer he or she is contemplating to examine the past; this is a job for a historian, a detective or a psychologist in his attempt to find out “what really happen”.  This card can also represent self-examination and lack of external activity.

The Hermit is ready to give up comfort and material pleasures, and even going to the extremes of self-deprivation and asceticism. This can be a temporary stage that the querent undergoes caused by  depression or economic difficulties.

Keywords to apply in a psychic reading:

Meanings: Looking at past events – Prudence – Silence – Contemplation – Isolation – withdrawing from society
Job Associated: Religious advisor –- Counselor – Guru – Mentor – Psychologist – Detective – Historian – Archaeologist – Analytical & Scientific research
Challenges:  Social Phobia – Suspicious character – Difficult in trusting others – Paranoia and schizophrenia.


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