the world #21 tarot reading

The world #21 tarot reading

Associate with the # 21 – element Earth –planet Saturn – sign Capricorn

The World #21 tarot reading relates to the planet Saturn and the physical universe, that operate according to scientific laws and the principles of reason. Saturn is the planet of boundaries, restrictions, structure and limitations, and he finds perfect peace in the well-ordered physical plane of Earth.

The World #21 tarot reading shows a nude woman, dancing in the center of a blue sky, she is wrapped in a scarf that covers her pelvis and flaps behind her shoulders and below her feet. She holds a magic wand in each hand and has her hair braided tight and bejeweled. A luscious laurel wreath crown surrounds her, its green leaves wrapped at the top and bottom by a red cloth band. In each of the four corners of the card is an image of the four elements.

Man – AIR – Intellect

Lion – FIRE – Passion

Eagle – Water – Emotions

Bull – Earth – Substance

The woman is dancing surrounded by a victor’s crown. The wreath is the equivalent of a trophy: in ancient times, chariot race winners would be crowned with the laurel. The lack of any solid ground on a card called “The World” might seem ironic, but the illustration depicts the feeling that you get when you have conquered your world. The four faces in the clouds represent the fixed signs of the zodiac (Aquarius the Water-bearer in the upper left, Scorpio’s higher status as an eagle in the upper right, the Taurus bull in the lower left and the Leo lion in the lower right) and relate to similar depictions on the Wheel of Fortune card.


Keywords to apply in a psychic reading:

Meanings: In The World # 21 tarot reading –  everything is progressing smoothly according to a plan – reaching your goal- Receiving a price – Completion of a cycle – Physical and emotional health – Long and Fulfilling life.  Long distance traveling.
Keywords: International affairs – Winners – Ecstasy – Wholeness – Success – Expanded horizons.
Challenges: Stubbornness – Failure – Frustration – Obstacle – Unfinished business

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