The Spirit of Love on Valentine’s Day

The Spirit of Love on Valentine’s Day

The Spirit of Love on Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, The focus of love (or lack of) creeps into everyone’s consciousness. Like most holidays, commercial industries have inundated us with messages to purchase consumer goods while diminishing the true essence of the day–love. Is love the act of spending a certain amount of money on gifts, dinner, and flowers? Of course not. Love is so much more. It heals, transforms, and connects us with the Divine nature of our spirits.

Love is one Of life’s necessities that comes in many forms. It is created through strong, personal bonds. Love assures us we are not alone in the world and we are there for others. Our very existence is dependent on the love of our parents or caregivers to help us survive during our formative years.

Even scientists Understand the importance of love in a person’s life. Abraham Maslow developed a hierarchy of needs for human growth and “self-actualization.” Not surprisingly, “love and belonging” sits right in the middle of his pyramid model for human motivation and happiness.

Maslow states family, friends, and intimate connections help people get through the experience of life. An abundance of love and community support helps people endure even the toughest times.

The Healing Power of Love

As we all know, love is more than that “warm, fuzzy feeling” we get when our romantic partner is around. Love is a mindset and a guidance system to living a happier, more fulfilling life. The healing power of love has been well documented by scientific research. Emotions play a significant role in our mind-body experience. Here are just a few ways the presence of love can heal us:

Lowering blood pressure

Couples in happy, committed relationships tend to have lower blood pressure than their single counterparts.

Beating stress

The “happy” hormones released while interacting with someone you love helps lower stress hormone levels in the body.

Promoting faster healing

A recent study found wounds heal faster in couples who are in a stable, loving relationship. This could be due to less inflammatory agents being created by the body.

Fighting depression

Being in love releases powerful endorphins in the body. Those with depression may be suffering from a brain chemistry imbalance including a lack of endorphins.

Ideas to Spread Divine Love on Valentine’s Day and Beyond Emanuel Swedenborg, a scientist and theologian living in the eighteenth century, wrote one of the best ways to grow spiritually is embracing and embodying love the same way God radiates it. He offers some suggestions about putting Divine love to practice in our everyday lives.

Be useful to others

Everyone has a unique service they offer the world and others. Consider all your strengths and how they could be useful to society and others.

Practice forgiveness

Swedenborg believed God is pure love incapable of hating or anger. Though forgiveness could sometimes be difficult, it aligns you with the Divine love of God. In addition, holding grudges depletes your love and positive energy.

Care for others

By consciously performing caring actions for others, we open ourselves up to more Divine love.

Celebrate Differences

Unfortunately, some of our society has adopted an attitude of discrimination and division. This mindset separates us from the Divinity within. If you find yourself with preconceived ideas about certain genders, races, ages, or sexual orientations, challenge these ideas and accept those around you for who they are.

Show generosity

Be generous in giving your time, tangible items, or experiences with others. Even if it puts you in a pinch, giving to others is a great way to spread Divine love.

Finding Guidance on Love’s Journey

The Spirit of Love on Valentine’s Day

The Spirit of Love on Valentine’s Day

Letting Go of the Past is a Must for the Spirit of Love in Valentine’s Day

Sometimes the past plays a role in how we love in the present. Bad experiences, unresolved emotions, and difficulty letting go can shape the way we view and love others. Insecurities and codependence could develop from past traumas and broken trusts. Negative attitudes and behaviors regarding relationships can develop at an early age–especially when a child is growing up in a dysfunctional family.

Thankfully, You have the power to let go of the past. It may not be easy, and it makes take help from others. A psychic advisor can help you identify how the past has influenced your current situations. Their insights and guidance will empower you to make the conscious effort to let go of past pains and memories.

Getting A Tarot Love Reading

Tarot readings provide excellent insights into where we are on life’s journey. They offer a snapshot look at our current situation and what we need to work on to advance to the next level of our development. A tarot love reading can help you see the strengths and issues affecting your relationships.

Through the tarot spread, A tarot reader provides useful information helping to change bad thought patterns and habits, embrace your strengths to face your struggles, and improve or find loving relationships. A tarot reading is the starting point for change, not the solution. It is up to you to take the information and do the personal work. Though it is difficult to break old habits and patterns, the positive changes it brings to your love life will be worth it.

For the Spirit of love in Valentine’s Day Consult a Love Adviser

If you have questions or lingering doubts about a relationship, a intuitive love adviser can provide insight helping to empower you to make decisions with confidence. Like a love tarot reading, a session with a love adviser can illuminate fears, issues from the past, or energy blockages keeping you from enjoying the love you desire. In addition, consulting a love adviser is a great way to get your concerns out in the open. Sometimes simply talking about fears and concerns can take them out of your head so they are easier to address.

Don’t Forget to Show Yourself Love on Valentine’s Day

Even if you share Valentine’s Day with someone you deeply love, adding a little self-love to the day can make it even more special. Choosing ways to show yourself love makes you more open to giving love to others. Spend time doing an activity you truly enjoy. Allow yourself to connect and spread love to others. Spend time in nature and bask in the beauty of the world. Take time for quiet contemplation or meditation.

Just like your Relationships, don’t limit your self-love to one day.

Here these three great ideas for revinenting your sense of self love from

Spoil yourself with healthy rewards more often

Enjoying small rewards is a great way to show love for yourself. Choose items and activities that make you feel good and are relatively healthy. Try to reward yourself with something small at least once a week.

Replace some time spent on passive activities with opportunities for growth

One way to grow confidence and feel better about yourself is engaging in growth activities– even for a few minutes a day. Try learning an instrument, revisiting something you used to love, or challenge yourself with a stimulating activity. Don’t have time? Sure you do. Take a little time away from passive activities like watching television or social media.

Adopt a minimalist lifestyle in some areas of your life

We are constantly barraged with stimulation from our thoughts, technology, and daily activities. Consider simplifying your life by letting go of things or thoughts no longer serving a valuable purpose. Clean clutter, remove some apps from your devices, and organize your schedule to help diminish some of the chaos.

May your Valentine’s Day and every other day be filled with love and fulfillment.

The Spirit of Love on Valentine’s Day

The Spirit of Love on Valentine’s Day

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