The Spiritual Gift of Sex Has Divine Power

the spiritual gift of sex

the spiritual gift of sex has divine power

As spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies, sex is one of the greatest gifts given to us by the Creator. It is the ultimate expression of bonding love and intimacy between lovers. In addition, it provides an opportunity for spiritual growth.

By understanding our sexuality, we are better able to use it as a tool for emotional and spiritual evolution. First, we must understand the power of this intimate act and how it can use or misuse by our physical body and mind.

Humans experienced the Polarizing Effects of Sex.

The Paradoxes of Sex Throughout history, humans experienced the polarizing effects of sex. Depending on how it is used, this act has the power to create and destroy. Sex breeds life and maintains the human race. It also can destroy individuals and relationships when abused. Sex strengthens the bonds of love and intimacy, but it also can degrade, enslave, or exploit unwilling partners. Sex brings us to a higher spiritual awareness, but it can also sink us into the dark pits of depravity. We can use sex as a loving physical expression or an obsession and compulsion with compulsive meaning.

The act of sex between a male and female is a paradox within itself. Men’s sexual energy tends to flare up then get to exhauste quickly. Stereo-typically, after climax, men become lethargic and emotionally unavailable. To the opposite, a female’s sexual energy burns slow and steady. When females reach their peak, it is often accompanied by sentimentalism. When lovers take time to discover the spiritual benefits of sex, they can bridge these paradoxes to create a cosmic ecstasy more powerful than any form of passionate sex.

The sacredness of sex is vastly misunderstood

In addition, since the sacredness of sex is vastly misunderstood, societies often shift their attitudes toward sex throughout generations. The polarizing views range from puritanical where sex is dirty and shameful to libertine attitudes of “free love” or anything goes. By adopting these extreme attitudes, one is discouraged from knowing the true spiritual benefits of sex.

the spiritual gift of sex

the spiritual gift of sex has divine power

The 3 Purposes of Sex

Sex is more than pleasure and procreation. According to, there are three purposes of sex. Each has unique benefits.

Generation (Procreation)

This involves using sex to create physical bodies for souls to enter and fulfill their spiritual journey. Though the reproductive aspect of sex is a given, the bond between a mother and father as well as their preconception care can influence the health of the baby-to-be.

Regeneration (Health Creation):

Sex improves the health and vitality of lovers. It is a form of energy healing helping each partner strengthen their physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

Spiritualization (Immorality):

When directed in a persistent and specific loving fashion, sex can reach the ultimate potential of this gift from the Creator. The forces within the sexual energy center can help raise energy vibrations and advance the soul to its highest state.

The Spiritual Gift of Sex

When two consenting partners share the physical and emotional bond of sex, they both benefit on a spiritual level. The sexual energy shared has the potential to raise vibrations and even heal. The physical and emotional benefits of sex are well documented–reducing depression, boosting the immune system, and decreasing heart disease are just a couple examples. When the mind, body, and spirit are operating at optimal health, we feel better, more connected, and open to spiritual awakening.

Sexuality and spirit

Are intimately related. During orgasm, we can physically feel the Life Force energy or Chi flow throughout the body. This opens an intuitive state allowing the force of creation to travel through us. During sex, ordinary boundaries fall away and our consciousness is altered. You may intuitively sense things about you, your partner, or your spiritual self.

Spiritual Gift of Sex

Our Kundalini (the primordial energy running through our bodies from which all things are created) can be ignited and directed during sex. Since sexual energy is Life Force, it is responsible for our creativity and vitality. Erotic energy can be consciously moved throughout the body to help create anything you want in any aspect of your life. It is a powerful force in manifesting your desires. From creating a beautiful work of art to reaching a higher state of awareness, this energy can be channeled with or without intercourse.

Discover the Spiritual Benefits of Sex by Practicing Tantric Sex

Tantra sex focuses on the spiritual element of sex rather than the physical. Those using this sexual technique see it as a doorway to human ecstasy and enlightenment. Sexual love is viewed as a sacrament where couples have a positive and sensual way to connect with each other and their spirits.

Basic principles of tantric sex involve:

  • Creating a sacred space for your lovemaking.
  • Slowing down to be fully present with each other.
  • Honoring your lover as a sexual being.
  • Using the whole body for sexual foreplay.
  • Utilizing Tantric breathing exercises and techniques such as meditation, touch, and visualization to channel your kundalini through your chakras (the body’s energy centers.)

Foundations to Help Make Sex a Spiritual Experience

By being mindful of ourselves, relationships, and attitudes towards sex, we have greater success harnessing the spiritual benefits of sex. The foundations we create in our romantic relationships serve as a conduit to positive energy flow.

Understand your views on sex

Insecurities, inhibitions, and prior negative experiences with sex can impact your performance and how your sexual energy moves. If necessary, someone trained in energy healing can offer insights about how your mind affects your sexual health.

Know that sex is only part of the bond with your partner

A relationship based solely on sex may not have the sustenance to harness the amazing potential of sexual energy. Share your life with your partner.

Make the time to have passionate sex

Trying to squeeze a quicky into your busy schedules? The quality of your sexual experience will suffer. Make an effort to set aside time for you and your partner to be intimate.

Explore together

A boring bedroom routine becomes…well, a routine. How much passion do you have for brushing your teeth? It’s something you know you need to do certain times a day. Explore and be creative with your lovemaking–don’t make it like brushing teeth.

Communicate your needs and emotions often

Repressed anger and built-up hostilities can easily extinguish the fires of passion. Find effective ways to communicate and work through difficult times so you can let your energy flow freely during sex.

Sex is a gift from our Creator that should not abuse or take for granted. By honoring our partner, appreciating the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of sex, and treating it like a sacred act. As a result, we can achieve the ultimate ecstasy on this physical plane.

If you are having trouble connecting with your partner on an energetic level, consider energy healing. An intuitive energy healer can identify blockages in your energy system as well as attitudes and inhibitions that do not serve your sexual health. In conclusion, take the first steps in harnessing your sexual energy to enjoy the spiritual benefits of sex.

the spiritual gift of sex

the spiritual gift of sex has divine power

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