Mind Power – Aquarius era

Mind Power- Aquarius era

Mind power – Aquarius era

Aquarius era is the time of the mind power. This will bring the speed of thoughts with psychic abilities. It works as a new tool for spiritual awareness.

Most noteworthy, everything in the Universe is constantly changing.  As a result, the switch in eras is as rare (once in 2 millennia) as they are rapid and profound.  Finally, entering the new Aquarian era presents serious challenges to all people who go through this transitional period.

So, the new era revolutionizes the human knowledge and confers a new wisdom. In conclusion, This revolution in knowledge causes the development of each individual consciousness.

It shifts its state to:

  • a new,
  • advanced and
  • unusual settings.

Continuous learning, searching for new learning methods and opening new belief systems is inevitable during Aquarius era. Today, a collective human mentality is arriving at a realization about the quantum state of consciousness.

Mind Power limitations of historical learning systems

Looking back a century ago, our learning systems limited through linear (or rational) thinking. In addition the Piscean Era, people believed academic teaching is the only effective learning system.  Seems like, they did not give the mysteries of the spiritual world any serious consideration.

Believing in the:

Were irrelevant and considered unnecessary by people living in that era.

People were after:

  • accurate,
  • factual and
  • rational explanations.

They convinced the events happen in their surroundings and follow the orderly logical reasoning. They expressed through mathematical formulas.

New developments in mind power learning systems today

Today, in Aquarius era – the power of the mind; as it is evident by observing the people in the new Aquarian era. The changes are noticeable with a naked eye. Intuition development will require for:

  • personal issues,
  • business matters and
  • all aspects of life.

Psychic abilities and solution driven by intuition will be very much on demand!

These changes, like developing your intuition and one person could not influence them. They are due to the power every human have. Mind-Power is the name of this. The switching of eras energizes the intergalactic forces. This influences the genetics movements in a human brain. Therefore, this movement promotes ideological shifts in people and creates new belief systems.

As a result, this system would be much broader, much more inclusive. Finally, Those faculties as psychic reading or tarot cards would not be automatically excluded from searching options. In conclusion, these new options would be stripped of all the superstitions and supported by new scientific discoveries.

The shift in the human mind power gives people

  • the enthusiasm for more learning,
  • opens them to new ideas, and
  • nurtures a willingness to create new inventions.

The creativity and imagination produces an interactive teaching and learning methodologies.

Freedom of expression now is a common trait. This exercises the connection between inner and outer being. This also allows a person to attain a balanced energy. The beliefs are broad, mindfulness like tarot cards and healing arts are nonlinear and holistic modalities that accept a complex communication and interaction with the living and a non-living matter.

Manifestations of mind power shift

The manifestations of this mind power shift are noticeable in the development of high-tech inventions. They can be used in all facets of the modern life like:

  • industry,
  • agriculture,
  • gaming,
  • transportation, and
  • communication.

Finally, today Information is available to everybody in the World.

The new impulse is given to psycho-physical field to gain the knowledge in:

  • human,
  • animal and
  • galactic behavior.

The new advances are made in the evolution of holistic therapies- natural medicine and psychic awareness. Different intuitive strategies for energy balancing and in helping to solve health issues in an alternative to the synthetic medication way.

Another, the mind shift in the Aquarius era is also noticeable in a political aspect. Because, the humanitarianism arises with a conscious awareness in the heart of most people. Thus, leaders are now trying to create bills and laws. That grant equality and justice regardless of

  • race,
  • color,
  • gender,
  • religious denomination, and
  • age.

They try to embody in their legislation fairness and wisdom like a professional psychic envisions the future reality.

Helping each other to:

  • fight for contagious diseases,
  • giving a new home for the victims of warfare’s,
  • respecting different beliefs and tradition, and
  • abolishing the long time racist system to build one world of freedom.

Seems like correcting some errors made from the past and cleansing the soul towards the future of humanity.

Bea Kobran

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