out of body experience

out of body experience

Traveling through time and space is not an easy process to a human being.  It can be done by leaving your physical body unmovable and be with astral form or in a spirit form of the body.  This phenomenon commonly occurs when we are sleeping and known as out of the body experience.  But this out of the body experiences does not implicate that its occurrence is only while a person is sleeping.  This can also be performed while a person is still awake.

Dreaming, Daydreaming and Extra-Corporeal Experiences 

Out of the body experience is basically known as dreaming.  As we dream, the body floats and can travel in limitless form without worrying about time, speed and force field. The body can move freely and your consciousness is awake so you can remember your experiences when you wake up. The travel may not always be so adventurous, but sometimes a horrible one that the travelling experience may cause panic.  When someone panics while separated in his or her physical form, this will give the person hard time in returning to his or her physical form.  They simply called it a nightmare, unknowingly, the presence of evil or negative earthbound spirits surrounds the place where the person who always encountered this energy.

Out of body experience is getting detached of the physical body

               There are instances that dreaming is not only happening when our physical body is asleep.  This can be done while the person is awake,  known as daydreaming.  Daydreaming is one type of out of the body experience like dreaming.  Dreaming and daydreaming occurs without the control of your consciousness.  Daydreaming is travelling using your mind like sleeping in a place where only you can see, without the awareness that you are already out of your physical form.  You can daydream in class, waiting area, or in place where your body relaxes itself.  Sometimes, your intuition comes and gives you messages or premonition for the future or you can travel back in time in a split of seconds.

Another type out of the body experience is traveling, seeing your surroundings while you’re separating with physical form as extra-corporeal experiences. This is not similar to dreaming and daydreaming.  In this type, the person acquired this type of astral travelling experience has the gift to control his or her spirit to go out and back in its form. Their awareness is open to see the real time events and can see what will happen in the future.  This might sound crazy, but this is true and it happens to a selected person.  According to the study of some experts when they scanned the brain of a Psychologists graduate of Ottawa University who have the ability to perform the Out of the Body experience, they saw that the brain activated in motion event her physical form is unmovable.

Self healing requires to travel in astral form with OBE experience

If ever you realize you have the ability of traveling in astral form, seeing your spirit separated in your physical form and wish to control it, you can seek the help of a near psychic expert.  Psychologists are also willing to help you in studying this kind of phenomenon to give concrete evidence on how it happens.  Remember that is all in the mind.

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