Love Slave versus Narcissist

love slave versus narcissist

love slave versus narcissist


 Love slaves versus narcissist is a common bonding for lovers.

These people are constantly looking for someone to love and end up with an unloving partner instead.

Many of my female clients ask me why they get involved with the “wrong guys”. As a relationship coach I decided to illustrate the love slave versus narcissist, opposite and complementary behavior patterns.

Here is the answer:

 The Love Slave (L)      versus               The Narcissist (N) 

L – Gets attached immediately                  N- Is strongly detached

L – Gets addicted to relationship              N- Created distance to avoid bonding

L – Is the caretaker                                        N- Feels entitled to be taken care of

L -Wants commitment                                  N- Wants more space or runs away

L- Needs constant love assurance           N- Seduces and withholds

L- Copes with abuse                                       N- Gets nervous and selfish when things go well

L- Goes along with partners plans           N- Has complete control of schedule and activities

L- Has no sexual boundaries                      N- Selfish sexual satisfaction

L- Is caught up in the lives of others        N- Is indifferent to others

L- Is the constant giver                                 N-Is the real taker

L- Space means “rejection”                          N- starts to be “on and off” to control better

L- Fearful of being alone                              N- Fearful of losing his identity


In the love slave versus the narcissist…This list can go on…

Love slaves are looking for the controlling and dominant person who makes it easier for them to avoid taking responsibility for themselves. This is a way to fantasize with a caring and loving figure they didn’t have in their early childhood; or someone who reminds them of one of their caretakers. In reality they have tremendous fears left over from childhood of abandonment and love deprivation.

The worst and most unhealthy personality type, when it comes to LOVE, is the narcissist ego maniac. Because of love slaves, these guys are very in demand nowadays!

Narcissism is a personality disorder that needs to be treated. These people are master seducers that love the “conquest”…they will always blame others rather than take responsibility. Have excessive feeling of superiority, without empathy, and getting angry to achieve their goals.

To the opposite the love-slave is always ready to give and surrender to his capricious ways, accepting emotional and psychological abuse, and always walking on eggshells.

If you are hooked in the middle of this drama because you are so needy of LOVE – you may very well be in need of a relationship coach who can help bring about this spiritual and emotional healing. If that is the case, take a deep breath and call my number. I am a love coach ready to assist you. Let’s talk.

 Love counseling can help you update the old beliefs facing the new times reality.  

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