spiritual healing in the new age

spiritual healing in the new age


The Fifth Dimension

Time has come for all of us to awaken – it is the moment to reach a Higher Vibration – the Fifth th. Dimension. This higher vibration is intangible and invisible – therefore – is located in our mind. The pineal and pituitary glands enable us to vibrate in higher levels of consciousness. Until now, they were called different names, like superstition, mysticism, spirituality and more …because no one understood how it works. Frequency is the name of the game.

All beings organic and inorganic are living in a new frequency of higher vibration. The frequency started already, during the last fifty years, but the speed got higher. If you decide to live in the old frequency, I mean 3rd. & 4th. Dimensions, you will lose the new waves of higher vibrations. The pineal and pituitary gland enables us to see and sense higher vibrations. Most visual psychic activity is done through the pituitary, but full sensing is done through the pineal gland. These glands filter frequencies of psychic data based upon input from your conscious, subconscious and unconscious programming. This means that your inner knowing reveals one story, but your eyes see a different story. These discrepancies can make you feel crazy, like you live in your own reality. But the truth is that everyone, from now on, will live in two realities, the one that we see and the one that we feel and sense.

A Holistic Therapist can help you to you reach this Fifth dimension of consciousness and you will certainly experience a connection with your Higher Self. This brings you into a higher awareness and helps you to know yourself at the soul level. You begin to live as the person you came here to be. Your hidden talents begin to manifest and you reveal yourself as a more complete person. You are then able to consciously experience clairvoyance and / or a heightened intuition. You start becoming one with the universe, and the universe with you. This Fifth dimension functions in a much higher and lighter energy. Thus you begin to express yourself more from feeling and from the heart, rather than from reason and intellect. This is a vibration frequency whereby you project more beauty and kindness than ever before. You begin living with a higher mind whereby your mind and emotions unite and you consequently will know what your soul already knows.

the fifth dimension

the fifth dimension



In this Quantum State of Consciousness our planet, Earth,  is undergoing a huge vibrational shift right now and you are a crucial part of this shift. You do make a difference. By attuning yourself to this Fifth Dimension you are affirming the change that is taking place and bringing heaven to earth right now.  When you raise your consciousness to the Fifth Dimension to function in this level, you will be a living testimony to its existence. The ability is within you to accomplish this. You have free will. You can create this reality for yourself. Join the new AIR era, begin to transform, recycle your thoughts with new vibrations.

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