How to Move on in Life with Spiritual Healing

How to Move On In Life with Spiritual Healing There is one thing that you should know at this point: moving on is not going to be easy. You will read different things about the various things you are going to experience before you can finally say that you have moved on. It is always e

Wokplace Mindfulness

Workplace Mindfulness Workplace Mindfulness can be defined as being moment-to-moment aware. Being aware is simply being in touch with yourself – your thoughts and your surroundings and reacting to them in a way as you would do were you on ‘autopilot’. Mindfulness at the workplac

Rewriting our Belief system

Spiritual awareness is the first step to rewrite our belief system. Rewriting your belief system is the main task you would perhaps face in moving from the kingdom of the standard or a little above average to celebrity producer. Your trust system is your film; your intuitive mind is y

Frequencies and Vibrations

One wave of vibration is a wave in a second and the number of vibrations per second is the frequency. The law of vibration shows that everything vibrates, everything is energy. The word vibration comes from the Greek “energas” which means what is active, in motion. The ene

Connecting to Your Spirit Guides through Music

        If we are making it or liking it, music has the ability to move our souls, while connecting to your spirit guides through it sounds. The tasteful feeling that is energized by music can lift and support our frequencies or otherworldly being. Music accomplish


  Perhaps you have a fear of loneliness during the holidays as many often do. You have several things at your disposal – join a community group – join a meetup group – keep your mind focused on replacing that fear with action. The lethality of loneliness can be