Holiday Blues and Fears

Holiday Blues and Fears

Perhaps you have a fear of loneliness during the holidays as many often do. You have several things at your disposal – join a community group – join a meetup group – keep your mind focused on replacing that fear with action. The lethality of loneliness can be disparaging to our bodies and minds. Protect yourself from holiday stress by increasing your focus—do all the things that occupy your heart and mind and set the fear aside.

The fear of being alone, especially during the holiday season, affects many people; you are not alone. No matter how brave you may seem to be in other situations, this fear is a harmful emotion and, although it may sound elementary, sit quietly and resolve to let go of that fear. That will help you work through other feelings you may experience in the future. Treat them likewise.

Let go of all fear. Fear creates limitation, to face your fear is to permit yourself to be helpless and put down the shields you have used to secure yourself. All shields are a representation of a faith in peril and in this way lead you to the exact risk you need them to ensure you from.

All that blocks you in your life is the sign of your fear. The disclosure of flexibility is acknowledgement that the main force that is pushing against you is you. To stop judging and controlling your own being is to discharge the battle and enter into a cheerful and smooth creation.

You are the decision of yourself. You rule your life. So open and follow your heart. Dispel all fear and allow all the joy that rightfully belongs to you to enter into your life.

As Franklin D. Roosevelt so aptly put it, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself”.

Recycle your fears and enjoy the moment, celebrate within your spiritual soul.

holiday blues and fears

holiday blues and fears

Happy Holidays!

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