One wave of vibration is a wave in a second and the number of vibrations per second is the frequency. The law of vibration shows that everything vibrates, everything is energy.

frequencies and vibrations

frequencies and vibrations

The word vibration comes from the Greek “energas” which means what is active, in motion. The energy or vibration is all that is moving. Within each, in the deepest part, is found the atom, the vibration is the motion of the electron around the atom. All bodies in the universe contain, from the heavenly stars, to plants, stones, and of course humans. Our substance is the universal creative energy, the light, the energy of the big bang.

When it comes to us, as human beings, we have conscience and it´s our duty, our path, to raise our conscience. Our soul, compound by energy, is modificated by several things.

We perceive the world thought our sense. And the consequences from our interactions in the material reality; the way life makes us feel, resonate with our traumas, our first times feeling all. That is a divine opportunity to heal. When conflict arises in our emotions, enables us to go to the primitive cause and with our conscience, understand with unconditional love and heal. In that way energy start to arise, unblocking our chakras. 

But the energy of fear, acts on the mind, the mind that is not who we are. Everything is vibrating, everything generates a vibration, and we attract what we are.

It’s time to wake up, to sync with the universe and learn that thoughts are vibrating. All are guided by vibration and resonance. Every thought sends a signal and receives a signal in return; it resonates and is made of the same energy as the signal sent. That is the vibrational frequency of the power of the mind. This is how “attract” things into your life.

Moods, change of moods are issued to the universe in sounds and colors; these vibrations affect you in the same way that were issued to other minds, intensifying the emotional and mental states that are in tune with them.

For example, one of the gifts that you get when you raise your vibrational frequency is that you only will receive the most positive, beautiful and pure energies.

I want to remind you about the importance of meditation and increased awareness. The increase in vibration level is achieved from the goodness and when you seek harmony. All the forces of the universe, are interested in you can achieve the universal balance and harmony; in your elevation and fulfillment .

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