why people escape commitment?

why people escape commitment?

Are you escaping commitment?

You feel like you cannot move on from your other exes ?

You have a fear of opening your heart up to your partner ?

You should acknowledge that Emotional Detachment is with you…

Details about Dismissive Attachment Disorder

People are all different from each other. The differences go beyond the physical aspects. The personalities of people all vary too. These personalities will determine how well we can relate to other people.

There are some moments in life when you would feel very confident about yourself. You are proud of your actions and all of the things that you have accomplished but something will happen and you will suddenly feel insecure. You may have the tendency to become clingy towards people that you know can provide you with the assurance, guidance and love that you need. You may also have the tendency to isolate yourself from people. You do not want to be with other people at all.

Experiencing emotional roller coasters may be normal in life. You always cannot pinpoint what will happen next. The point here is you have to learn how to cope. You need to know how you can control your emotions so you can continue on with life. There are some people however who suffer from dismissive attachment disorder. 

why people escape commitment?

why people escape commitment?

More about Dismissive Attachment Disorder

There are some people who tend to lose social contact because they are fearful of people. They feel that they are always inferior so they would like to avoid getting rejected. Those who have dismissive attachment disorder however have a different way of thinking. They feel like they do not have to be in contact with others because they do not need other people. They feel that they are good enough and they do not need anyone else in order to accomplish the things that they want in life.

A person with this disorder will constantly parade how good he/she is at doing different tasks. In the process, the person will put other people down. Others would be described as weaklings as these people cannot do what the person with this disorder can.

Why children escape commitment?

Dismissive Attachment Disorder in Children

Like with all other disorders, this type of attachment disorder may chem from childhood. The person could have encountered situations that are being repressed so that they will continue to feel good about themselves.

Children will start to exhibit signs of having this disorder by not being trustworthy of other people. They may disregard the classes that they take. They may also feel superior especially when they are told that they are better than their peers and classmates. They will not have any qualms about how other people would feel with their declarations. Children may have a harder time making friends because they would always like to lead. They always want to be better than others.

Some children and teenagers may be diagnosed with this disorder early on provided that they show signs and symptoms of this type of disorder for about a year before their diagnosis. Some are given proper treatment at an early age to help them cope better in life but what about those who do not get the right treatments? How do they cope the moment that they reach adulthood?

why people escape commitment?

why people escape commitment?

Why people escape commitment?

Symptoms of Attachment Disorder in Adults

Do you suspect that you have this disorder? You may want to check yourself for these symptoms:

  • You have a fear of commitment but you do not want to let go of your current partner because deep down, you know that you are in love. You have a fear of opening your heart up to your partner.
  • You have a tendency to nitpick the small details about your partner that irritates you and focus from there.
  • You feel like you cannot move on from your other exes.
  • Shutting yourself off when you know that things are going well with the person.
  • You cannot be completely honest with your partner. You would rather have secrets so you would still have some information to keep from other people. This makes you feel more secure.

It is evident from the things that are mentioned above that you are having trouble becoming intimate with other people. What will you do if you have truly fallen in love with someone but you fear that the person will not understand what you are going through? The key here is to let the person know that you have this disorder.

You may speak with counselors together and sometimes even undergo therapy together so that your partner will have a better understanding of your emotions. If your partner loves you. He/she will do her best to understand. Yet, you also have to accept if the person will come to a point when he/she cannot continue with the relationship anymore.

Being a Workaholic

Children may start to show that they are achievers from an early age. There are some children who immerse their attention in schoolwork and other things that are related to school so that they do not have to deal that much with other people. They can do well and show that they are capable of doing different things. Up to adulthood, people with this disorder may show signs of being workaholics. They would rather immerse all of their thoughts in work rather than show dependence towards other people.

Undergoing Spiritual Healing

It is already normal that for people who are suffering from disorders, some types of therapy, usually talk therapy will be recommended along with some medications. Yet, there are moments when these treatments will not be enough Even a child can undergo spiritual healing can gain a better understanding of his/her condition. Even more so if adults would undergo spiritual healing together with the people that they love.

Through spiritual healing, you will have the ability to let go of all the negative energy that you cannot see and sometimes feel in life. The negative vibration will then leave your body and it will be filled with new, positive energy that will make you feel better about life in general.

Spiritual healing will allow you to realize that all of the things that you are doing are interconnected. Even a simple decision can lead to a big event that you never thought would be part of your decision. Even if you have experienced trauma, abandonment and other negative scenarios when you were still young, you would learn to come in terms with it, accept the things that have happened to you and be on your way to healing.

Being more open minded about these things can make a big difference with the way that you deal with the situations that you have to go through as well as forming relationships with other people. Find a professional spiritual healer that can help you and discover how your life can change for the better.

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