Healing of Fears

Fear is a chemistry that denies life in our soul

Healing of Fears

Healing of Fears

What is fear and what are its effects? Well, the dictionary definition of fear is an emotion that is a result of the belief that something or someone is a danger capable of causing pain or poses a threat. In the normal cases, the result of this type of fear is the reflex reaction to avoid the source of danger or threat. This type of fear is not a threat to a person because it can be overcome. There is the other type of fear that is more intimidating and threats the individual in question at a personal level; the fear that denies life soul. The threat of this type of fear is it will limit the person’s life and such the juice of life out.

What’s the way round this type of fear?

This type of fear can be healed. To do this, one has to first realize the situation through a personal awakening. The basis of fear is the mind – where negative thoughts cloud the mind as to cover every other aspect of possibility. One way towards healing fear, any type of fear, is to undergo spiritual healing. There is a more powerful being than humans and this being has everything under control. The belief that there is a higher power in control heals the mind by providing assurance.

Healing of Fears is caused by thoughts clouding the mind that could be defined loosely as fear of the unknown. The thoughts that cloud the mind are mainly from unsubstantiated sources that are from negative expectations or from third party sources. To deal with these sources of fear, ascending to the 5th dimension is a solution. To do this requires simple dive into the positive expectations dimension. The 5th dimension requires you overlook the negative sources of fear and concentrating on the positives. However, ascending to the 5th dimension should not be taken as an excuse for ignorance. Some of the sources of the fear-driving thoughts are real risks, and the 5th dimension in this case should be employed resourcefully as cause you not to be stagnated by the fear, but take initiative to cover the risks.

The steering wheel against fear lies with consciousness. By transcending to a new consciousness is away to healing fear. By the way, what is the difference between those who have made it in life and those who struggle with daily living? The difference is in the consciousness. According to psychological studies, consciousness is the operating system and if the one you are operating on is deficient as to perceive life with negativity, then you need to upgrade or fully reboot to a new consciousness.

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