Visualization and the Law of Attraction

Visualization and the Law of Attraction

Have you experienced an instance where you desire for something and after a period of time, somehow you happen to have exactly what you desired? Well, it is not just miracle, there is an explanation to it and you can use it more powerfully to achieve more.

The miracle behind the above scenario is known as the law of attraction. The law of attraction is loosely described as thinking about something, or simply meditating about something, and through meditation, you attract it to yourself. The power of visualization and the law of attraction are clearly depicted under the name of prayer among the believer – Muslims and Christians. The teaching among these two groups is that, if you need something that does not seem to be forthcoming, then you have to pray daily and be persistent about it. Call it pray or hope – it is the power of visualization and the law of attraction.

What entails the Law of Attraction:

The first guide to using the power of spiritual healing and the law of attraction is visualization. Yes, basic thinking. The difference between visualization for the law of attraction and basic thinking it that, in visualization, you have to live the thought. How do I do this? It is simple and easy, for each day, you need to take some time and visualize your desire. If you need a car, visualize yourself driving your car, parking it in your compound, standing by it with one hand placed on it, etc. learn to drive your car visually and practically. For example, if you are driving round a bend, try to visualize the right speed and how you need to negotiate the bend. Does it make sense? Hope it does.

In using visualization, the frequency of the visuals has an impact in attracting the reality. Talking time to visualize on a daily basis is a good strategy. However, in this strategy lies the greatest barrier to the law of attraction visualization; doubt. If you spend more time visualizing, it is highly probable that the doubt might set in. therefore, it is advisable to spend about 30 seconds per day visualizing,  when doing so, close your eyes and if possible in a quiet and comfy place to minimize disturbances.

Nevertheless, doubts might kick in especially if the conditions surrounding the situation are practically impossible. Don’t worry, you can fight these doubts by picking on favorable signs even if it is using example of others who have been in dare conditions but still made it.

Ultimately, to use the power of visualization and the law of attraction to your advantage, all you need is being positive and having a mindset of success. Visualization and the law of attraction is like casting into the outer space, the visualization are the line and positivity and a mindset of success is the bait to attract the realization of your desire therefore, the bigger your positivity and success-mindset, the more visible you are to your reality. Use it to your advantage!

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