two- pentacles

two- pentacles

In the Two of Pentacles tarot card, we can see that there is nothing quite like the feeling rich, graceful and active at the same time. On the Two of Pentacles we see a young man dancing as he juggles his worldly concerns. The infinity sign loops around the two pentacles to suggest that he is a multitasker handling unlimited problems. In the background we see two ships riding the waves easily – cruising the ups and downs of life.

Tale a risk and don’t run around like a chicken with your head cut off. Focus on just two main tasks at most.

The Two of Pentacles means that you accomplish all demands made upon you. In fact, you will enjoy the excitement of every problem. If you do not feel this level of confidence right now, this card asks you to believe in yourself. You have all you need to meet your every goal and more. Embrace the challenge and be confident.

The Two of Pentacles is also a symbol of fun – laughter and good times – It is definitely a high-energy card – and a sign that greater vitality will be yours. This card is generally considered to be a positive omen.

If you’re currently in a committed relationship, you and your sweetheart may be having trouble finding time and energy for each other. Make sure that your relationship remains high on your priority list, otherwise it won’t be there when you come back for it. If you’re looking for love, don’t tell yourself that you are ready if you are truly NOT ready for a relationship. You don’t have to be perfect first, but you do have to be willing to create the time, space, and energy to put into romance.


Being flexible, adapting quickly, and feeling free to try new approaches, going with the flow, handling challenges, changing directions easily, having fun.

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