The Moon # 18 Tarot

The Moon # 18 Tarot

The Moon # 18 Tarot Reading interpretation

Associated with # 18 – element WATER – sign Cancer 

Childhood memories of home & family– feminine receptive energy and the subconscious mind.

The Moon #18 tarot reading interpretations is one of constant changing opinions or ideas, as well her shape is changing twenty-eight days per month, which is linked to the repeating cycles of the female body, menstrual cycle.  The Moon doesn’t generate light, she reflects the Sun’s light. She is the ruler of the night, the keeper of secrets and the guardian of dreams.The Moon # 18 tarot reading interpretation reflects our personal hidden fears and insecurities – as well as our desires of nurturing and safety. We always carry some unconscious threats that trigger instinctive responses and immediate reaction to predatory behavior.

The Moon card has ties to the womb of the mother, her nurturing power that expressed through the mother’s milk and comfort food, tied to the female archetype.

In popular belief, full Moon is associated with sorcery and lunatic behavior, psychedelic drugs, and several mind disorders.
Meanings:  Not everything we say or do is processed by our consciousness; the image describes underlying factors hidden from our mind and daylight perception. The two dogs barking at each other may also symbolize a quarrel whose real motives are different from what we see in the surface.

The moon # 18 tarot card represents the past influences emerging and impacting the present, which is seen also like going to solve a behavior issue tapping deep inside the problem instead of contenting oneself with superficial solutions.

Keywords to apply in a psychic reading:

Keywords: Emotional decline – Depression- Moodiness – Repressing dark feelings of anger pain or fear – Mystery – Fiction – Lier – Infidelity
Job Associated: Intuitive – Mediums – Psychic – Psychic ability – Creative writing – The entertainment industry – Private investigator – Secret agent – Holistic healer. Psychologist – Psychiatrist – Therapist – Lightworker – Tarot Reader
Challenges:  Hardship – Change is coming – Lack of stability – Mental disorders – Transitory trouble – Fantasy – Escapism – Confusion – Insecurity – Denial


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