tarot reading of The Lovers # 6

Tarot reading of The Lovers # 6

Associated with # 6 – Element Air – Sign Gemini – Planet Mercury

This card is one of discrimination and choice

The Lovers Tarot interpretation is ruled by Gemini, are unstable, flirtatious, curious and playful. Mercury rulles Gemini is responsible for communications with siblings, family members and neighbors, referring not only to romantic “lovers,” but also to family related relationships.  In fact, most people have a longer relationship with family members, than with lovers.  This card we understand as the capacity for love and choice.  The Lovers tarot card is also connected with Prana, or vital energy and with the mind and intellect or reasoning.

In a psychic tarot reading  The Lovers #6 discrimination can apply to truth and untruth, towards the bondage of repeated karma, or towards action which will break the pattern.

The two human figures, male and female, unveiled before each other as if Adam and Eve when they first occupied the paradise of the earthly body. Behind the man is the Tree of Life, bearing twelve fruits, and the Knowledge of Good and Evil is behind the woman; the serpent is twining around it. The figures suggest youth, virginity, innocence and love before “gross material desire” comes. This is in all simplicity the card of human love, here exhibited as part of the way, the truth and the life.

in a tarot reading interpretation, we can observe the duality of good and evil, with the story of Adam and Eva, which had created a greater human dilemma. It is said that animals can only act within their instinct and that they have no sense of good or evil and, therefore, do not possess the faculty of discrimination.

The Lovers card shows the crossroad of life or the moment when we need to choose which is the new path to undertake, this refers to the carrier as well as to be willing to break away from old patterns of work.

Keywords to apply in a psychic reading:

Meanings: Opportunity to change karmic patterns. Having to make a big decision – duality
Job Associated: Business partners – Healers – Teachers
When it comes to selecting a profession the Lover has to think through. How this choice would affect your life and the lives of everyone around you. It might be a good move as far as career advancement is concerned but would the time you get to spend with your family or friends.  Is this the price you are willing to pay?  Will you be able to balance your lifestyle?
Challenges:  Fear of Commitment – Impatience – Unfaithfulness – Divorce – Cheating – Inner conflict – Lack of discrimination



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