The Hierophant # 5 tarot

The Hierophant # 5 tarot

Associated with # 5 _ Planet VENUS _ Sign TAURUS _ Element EARTH _ Also Pope or Pape, spiritual father in Latin

The Romans saw Venus as an agricultural goddess of gardens and vineyards. Taurus is an Earth sign, and as such is connected to the body and the physical world. The Taurus side of Venus roots in sensuality, pleasure and celebrating the blessings of the material world. This includes money, possessions and resources of all kinds that collectively represent what you “have.”

The Hierophant tarot interpretation is all about traditions, education, religion and many other social rules, like faithfulness, monogamy, procreation and conservatism!

The word hierophant comes from “hierarchy” which means an organization with various levels of authority; he represents the final authority in matters of faith. And, he has the knowledge to explain and spread the divine wisdom on behalf of god. He is committed to a long lasting ritual and standing.

Taurus rules the neck and the throat which means that The Hierophant can be a public speaker or someone that has the attribute of spreading the word with speeches, sermons and hymns to lead and uplift his followers.

He is the male personification of the High Priestess.  But while she can be secretive and observant, he is ready to give guidance to his disciples. This speaks of the elements of guidance or therapy that we need to give attention in life.

In a relationship he represents a status of recognition, engagement, marriage, etc.

The Hierophant symbolizes the connection with the realms beyond the physical world. In the past the priest was the person most people took their problems to, and entitled to give them good counsel, assuming because he was a religious leader. These days fewer people or almost none, ask a priest for advice; eventually they will ask the opinion of an intuitive advisor or psychic reader!

Meaning of the Hierophant 

The Hierophant identifies with the social system; you cannot separate him from the institutions that he represents.  It can also represent someone that has prejudices and limitation pretending that they have heavenly connection. As well he can serve the interests of political-public institutions or commercial firms.

This card shows the need of professional advice, guidance and inspiration.

Keywords to apply in a psychic tarot reading:

Professionals, consultants, arbitrators, conservative, traditionalist.

Jobs associated:  counselor, guru, teacher, life-coach, therapist.

Challenges:  Dogmatism, close mindedness, extremism, fanatics.

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