The Fourth Dimension_ The world of the spiritis This is the plane where we exist after death, and where we find our loved ones and also our ancestors. Many call it “the world of spirits” or “the kingdom of love.”

It is this dimension that shows the different vibrations of energy, light and vibration, here we learn to know “the spirit”. This map is not governed by time.

the fourth dimension - buda

the fourth dimension

In the Fourth Dimension  the spirits can acquire new skills, develop and have much more knowledge on this plane of existence. If you’ve left some matters “pending” may learn in this plane you achieve your existence.

Many teachers and guides highly evolved use this dimension to help heal in 3 rd. plane estate guides others living in the 3 rd. plane. Shamans and healers, they use the spirits as guides of knowledge, without having to resort to any University or house of higher learn.

It is in this dimension shown the limitations of the “oaths“, “contracts”, “blessings,” “initiations“curses“, “votes” etc. That may also be family heirlooms, which are found in the DNA.

We are talking about the dimension of karma.  

The Fourth Dimension is the energy of duality- good and evil are represented here: Yin & Yang . The positive entities are:  Council of the Gods- teachers- Jehovah- Buddha the Christ and the Prophets as well as the spirits who perform “Psychic Surgeries”

Negative entities: demons, rules and limitations. Believe in one religion and reject others.

In this plane are enlightened beings. At lower levels we find the EGO and the consequent struggle between good and evil.  For example “martyrs”, “sinners” and many forms of self flagellation still valid.  The vows and commitments of the fifth dimension:

  • I must be a virgin or take vows of chastity, to be better.
  • I must suffer in order to prove myself.
  • I will die to be near God. Heal is a selfish act. I sacrifice my life for yours …. etc.
  • I have to sacrifice one of my senses, to approach God.
  • It is impossible to be a healer and have money.


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