The Fool# 0 tarot reading interpretation, and # 22 are associated with Planet URANUS- Sign AQUARIUS – Element AIR

 THE FOOL # 0 tarot

THE FOOL # 0 tarot

When reading the tarot cards, remember that the Major Arcana are considered to be the journey for THE FOOL through life and therefore, he doesn’t require a number for he is always present. THE FOOL # 0 tarot is shown at the start of his journey with unlimited potential; the sun raising, looking upwards towards the skies or spirit, facing north-west, the direction of the unknown, about to step off a cliff, but is he prepared?

A psychic tarot reading for The Fool is about loneliness, enigmatic traveler, free thinker and rebel. His companion is a dog. He has no boundaries; he stands himself outside of accepted limitations of society.

Over his shoulder he carries a bag and in this he is said to carry all of his wisdom, which is represented by the four elements. He doesn’t have material needs to fulfill, eventually he can apply to the wisdom he carries on his shoulders. He has freedom of bonds and attachments.

Tarot reading interpretation for The Fool # 0 :

The Fool #0 Tarot reading interpretation is one of potential, highest degree of consciousness.

Tarot reading  for The Fool # 0 may be an indication of a highest potential of your life where you reach a state of renewal and new beginnings with each day being an adventure and each second and moment lived to the maximum possible. The card is a representation of the beginning and desire to achieve new goals. The fool is an indication that anything is possible and opportunity is open to be utilized.

Given the fact that the fool has nothing but a bag of his possession tied to the rod on his shoulder, this is an indication of a spiritual living with no judgmental wisdom, signified by the cliff ahead with the possibility to fall off. The card means free spirit, freedom and detachment, joy and surrendering control. The fool symbolizes a need to step forth into new and uncharted territories. It is about new experiences, personal growth, adventure, and development.

In a psychic reading The Fool # 0  card may also represent a choice to be made, one that is of vital importance. Regardless of the importance of the decision, there are many options available and the choice must be made wisely. A person experiencing fear in his/her life, the fool is a good card to meditate on.

Nevertheless, the meaning provided for the fool will depend on the card reader. In addition, it is not always that the “fool” is the person the card is being read to, it might also be a person close to him/her.

This new understanding of the Aquarian personality is reflected nowadays by Indigo children and many youngsters that are emotionally detached and feel happiness in a different way, eccentricity and idealism are very strong.

The Fool lives here and in the NOW.

Keywords to apply in a psychic tarot reading:

The fool #0 tarot card is always healthy, whole, and without fear.

Highest degree of consciousness- Spiritual & Non-judgmental Wisdom – Free Spirit – Freedom -Detachment – Forgiveness – Joy – Giving up control –

Jobs associated:

IT expert– Out of the box thinker – Computer savvy – New Age personality – Artist


Detached – Childish – Naive – Antisocial – Untainted – Lack of organization – Chaos.

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