tarot reading for The Empress # 3

tarot reading for The Empress # 3

Associated with # 3 – Planet VENUS – Element EARTH

Tarot reading interpretation for The Empress is associated with planet Venus is the archetypal Mother Nature, the Demeter, the feminine principle, and the goddess of fertility. Empress is associated with planet Venus because of its symbolism for love, fertility, creativity, harmony, art, beauty, grace, and luxury.

The Empress represents the maternal nurturing energy that many times comes from a male. The fruit of your work and labors will give fulfillment. Material comfort is coming with abundance of wealth.

We can see a full-figured woman having a peaceful and clam attitude. On her head, she wears a crown of stars, showing her connection with the stars; realm of angels and fairies. The empress is in a patterned robe dress of pomegranates, which is symbolic of her fertility and she is seated upon a luxurious array of cushions and flowing red velvet.

Surrounding the empress is a lush and beautiful forest with a stream that runs through it. The stream represents the deep emotional connection between the Empresses and mother earth also between the Empress and life. The empress draws her sense of peace from the water and the tress and is rejuvenated by the energy of nature. In the foreground, the card has golden wheat springs from the ground which in an indication of abundance from the recent harvest.

In a psychic Tarot reading The Empress # 3 means creation of life- romance- business or art. The empress is the nursery or the womb in which an idea grows till it achieves a certain level of maturity. This is the reason why the symbol of the Empress is venues, goddess of beautiful gardens and things, including love and sex. The planet Venus is the goddess of artists and helps them to painstakingly develop their pieces from clay to statue, from a brushstroke to masterpiece. Nevertheless, the Empress has more in common with Demeter, the goddess of abundance than sensual Venus, going by what the wheat and the pomegranates on the dress imply. The empress is the giver of gifts to earth; she is the great, fertile, and mother goddess.


Female or male emotionally stable.  Healing love, understanding and continued growth, projects and plans are taking off; a new biz. Fertility, up bring a new family, good health, abundance, creativity, family growth, beautiful home, material comfort.

Keywords to apply in a psychic tarot reading:

Person of power and positive authority – Landlord – Good fortune – Fulfilled potential- Marriage – Happy family.

Jobs associated:

Beauty artist – costume designer – jewels designer – interior decorator- family oriented person.


Emotionally unstable people – miscarriage – sexual promiscuity – impotence – greed – wasted energy .

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