The Diamond Crystal Energy

Crystals amplify – transform – transmit and store energy.  Crystal based technologies are television – radio – watches – computers-satellites’ cell-phones.  Memory microchips are crystals made.

Let us look inside of the most powerful precious crystal stone: The Diamond  

the diamond crystal energy

the diamond crystal energy


the diamonds crystal energy

the diamonds crystal energy

Unlike other stones that are made for at least two elements, the diamond contains just one: Carbon.

In the scale of hardness, the diamond is the hardest: with a rating that of 10. The rainbow with all the colors can be seen inside of a clear diamond.  Used in meditation diamond crystals will facilitate the entry into visionary states of  healing, activating emotional healing through all the colors provided.

In the old times diamonds have been valued for their magical properties in ancient India and China, they believe  to give to  their owners protection from evil spirits, fire, poison, snakes, and many illnesses.    In the western societies they believed to provide victory, faithfulness  purity and love.  The Diamonds Crystal Energy was long held in the treasuries of queens and kings wile diamonds were supposed  to access this divine energy.


the diamonds crystal energy

the diamonds crystal energy

Because the keyword of DIAMOND is INTENSITY,  this is a powerful amplifier, we must be careful where we wear it, since it increases everything, good and bad. If you had health problems or unhappy emotions, the diamond needs to be cleaned in a recipient with sea salt during 24 hours.

If this is a gift or inheritance coming from your ancestors, the memory stored in the stone will bring to you their Karma and emotions, in which case you should live the stone during 48 hours inside of water with salt.  To clean the saved” memory” is fundamental when wearing diamonds with others vibrations.

The Diamond Crystal Energy can be use therapeutically to recycle underlying emotional issues.

For  tradition and culture the Diamonds Crystal Energy is present until nowadays in all great occasions of life that are meant to be “forever” like: engagement, marriage, childbirth and more.

This may be the reason why women wear the wedding ring constantly and other diamonds only for special occasions. Certainly when we are attending happy occasions, the diamond will amplify the joy.

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