The Devil # 15 Tarot

The Devil # 15 Tarot

Associate with element Earth, # 15, Planet Saturn and Sign Capricorn –

This is the image of materialism and physical existence.

The Devil #15 is a great pretender; he knows how to make the most of first impression- as well how to intimidate his opposition.

The stereotype of a businessman can relate to this vibration, because he knows well the trials and temptations of the material world. The wealth and material success can liberate us or enslave us.

The Devil # 15 Tarot reading interpretation is in every person – while there is a dark side _ the dualities are part of the human nature. By consequence we connect easily with temptation, lust, gluttony, greed, abuse, envy, pride and more.  But Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of boundaries and limitations. We will found Saturn in two Major Arcana: The Devil and The World.

The Devil as well the sin is a Christian invention. This image was utilized throughout history to threaten and bring fears with the only purpose to obtain absolute obedience, or keeping high level manipulation over the people.

This tarot is expressing in the picture the dark impulses, such as anger and aggression and the paradox of freedom and bondage or slavery.

The Devil #15 Tarot reading interpretation  is associated with Pan the god of sheep’s and shepherds, Pan’s head and torso looked human, but from the waist down he was a goat, with fur-covered legs and animal hooves. Pan was god of physical pleasures, including sex with erotic pleasures and unbridled desires, food and drink; he was close to Dionysus, the god of wine; both are the symbols of drug and alcohol abuse.

Nowadays the Devil card represents the power of negative thinking. Excessive dependency and attachment to material goods.


Oppression, Addiction, Quick temper, Perversions, Sadism, Cruelty, Violence


Corrupted Politician, Sex offender, Controlling and manipulative individuals. Thief.


To drop false values and self-imposed limitations, to let go of addictions, to be generous with yourself and to others.


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