Ten of Swords – Minor Arcana



Like all the Tens in the Minor Arcana, the Ten of Swords deals with endings and new beginnings.  However, the ending aspect of The Ten of Swords is very often extremely painful or catastrophic.  The Ten of Swords can often suggest that you have come to the end of the road with a situation that you may no longer be able to cope.  The Ten of Swords shows that you ‘hit rock bottom’.

In an accurate psychic tarot reading this means that you feel with despair and hopelessness.  This is generally not something that has happened overnight, the Ten of Swords appears when you feel overwhelmed by your situation that took a lot of your energy and health.

A psychic reader will understand that you are suffering from Chronic Fatigue, you may be unable to carry out your everyday tasks. You are tired and unwilling to fight. This can lay you very low and leave you feeling paralyzed, and incapacitated in mind and body.  You can’t  think straight under the heavy weight of its energy.


Betrayal! The Ten of Swords can suggest that someone is bad-mouthing you or bitching about you behind your back.  You may feel stabbed in the back by a friend or colleague. You may not know who you can trust or confide in.  Individuals or groups may be working against you, making your life difficult or have it in for you. You could be the victim of bullying or harassment.

This Ten of Swords can also suggest that you are letting people walk all over you, leaving foot prints on your back or wiping their feet on you as they go.  It is time to put an end to such treatment and stand up for you by speaking out and objecting.


The end of a relationship. Divorce or death.


Back problems, Constant pain, Chronicle Depression, Physical Aggression, and Mental or Physical Collapse.


Mental Stress, Breakdown, Exhaustion, Defeat, Failure, Ruin, Catastrophes, Assault, Attack, Violence, Aggression, Crime, Enemies, Powerless, The Death of a Situation, Time to Move On, Goodbyes, The End, Closure, Surrender, Giving Up, Finality, As Low as you can Go, Hitting Rock Bottom.

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