Tarot reading for spiritual ascension is not a kind of a card game we usually play at home. This Tarot self-reading,  is the highest form of physical tools in determining the information from within, or simply, it is the physical form of communication with your intuition. The word ‘tarot’ came from the Egyptian words, Tar, means “path or road” and Ro, Rog or Ros, means “King or Royal”.

Literally, it was defined or translate tarot as the “Royal Road of Life”.  It is most beneficial in asking our intuition for guidance to have fruitful results. Types of Tarot Reading There are two different types a tarot reading: the question reading and the open reading. Question Reading. In this type of reading, it is not actually asking questions with “yes or no” answer.  It is a kind of openness inquiring to your inner being and uses the card as a tool of their answer that will guide you in your decision making. This kind of questioning must have the following criteria:

  • Keeping an Open Option. Do not ask if you already have the answer within your mind because you are not allowing the card to guide you in your decision.  You may not accept what the card will tell you when it contradicts your answer before reading.
  • Finding the best level of details. The question should be focused in a broad and not an overly detailed question.  For example, inquire about how to manage your time and schedule instead on how to handle your chaotic home.
  • Focus on yourself. If you have questions concerning to you, ask questions related to details about you not from anyone else.  For example, if you’re asking question about why you failed the exam. Don’t ask the question what is the contribution of your sister that made you failed the exam. It must be “what did you do that results to your failure in your examination?
  • Stay Neutral. Asking questions must be in a neutral way.  For example, “How to make my husband be more cooperative in doing the household?” is a neutral question, instead of using a one sided question like: “why am I always doing all the chores than my husband?” 
  • Be Positive. Do not start your inquiries with “Why?”, it is more on negative views, you must learn to ask more positively by using “What” and “How”.
  • Open Reading. In this type, it addresses larger aspects in life. It is used commonly for asking personal questions for better decision guidance before the wedding, after graduation, your career, your health and more.

Learning the use of tarot reading for spiritual aspect is a helpful tool in attaining the highest divinity.  Allowing the flow of your inside energy to interact with your outer energy and communicates with you physically.  The step of spiritual ascension will start when you start interact with your own spiritual guidance. To your intuition or to your own inner being that can directly see the energy of your surrounding forces.

Bea Kobran

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