Soul Mate Connection

soul mate connection

soul mate connection

Modern science deals with much more than only with colliding subatomic particles.  It also studies other forms of energy by observing how biological cells can communicate with each other at a distance.  Because each protein has its own vibration frequency and mass, they respond with their own unique characteristics.

The Good and the Bad vibes

A human being is basically a protein mechanism and each of us has its own identifying frequency, which brings an invisible influence in our lives.   Scientists call this “the good vibes” or “constructive interference.”  In that regards, you can identify people who are related to you in their harmonics because meeting someone with complimentary vibrations empowers both people.  There are also other people who cancel our energy.  This is referred to as “bad vibes.”  That’s why it is so important to search for your soul mate – a person whose unique vibration is extremely complimentary.

Psychic Force

The types of energy that are used in radio and TV transmission nowadays like microwaves and radio waves could distort or collapse while passing through solid barriers.  On the other hand, subtle energy or psychic force can penetrate any dimensions or barriers with no loss in signal quality.  Thus, subtle energy or psychic force outperforms all other types of energy.

That’s why in the future, by communicating at a distance, people can achieve soul matching; that is to meet with friends, loves, lifelong partners, teachers, business partners and spiritual mentors before meeting them in person.  These communications can happen based on our thoughts, feelings, patterns, and our personal energy signature.

Many of us may feel that our soul mate isn’t really out there.   In the back of your mind, you hope for their existence, but those thoughts are not active in your day to day life. Those thoughts must be active!

Meet your Soul Mate Ahead of Time

However, in this case, a lot depends on you.  Try creating an imaginary dialog with your soul mate before you meet them.  It’s important to put those messages out.  Decide for yourself what you are looking for and in that transmitted message convey what you want in your soulmate and that you will not settle for anything less.

It is important to clear your space and be totally ready to receive your soul mate.  Be prepared to do this soul work on the daily basis, and put out feeling tone on finding your soul mate in that space… Perseverance and directness are essential in communicating with your soulmate before you are actually meet them.

Give your Virtual Thoughts to the Universe

You must believe that your soul mate could hear you. This is not a leap of faith.  You must truly believe that they can hear you and send a clear message to them through the line of communication so that they will hear you instantly.  Nothing, no doubts, no resistance, and no hesitation should interfere with that signal.

If you don’t, if you are saying to yourself that I’ll just put out that message, whether you are there or not this might create an interference and your soulmate will not hear you.   If you have doubts, if you are not sure, then your transmission won’t be an instant message.  It will encounter a stop sign.

Virtual Soul Mate Connection

Thus, it is extremely important to have faith and believe that your true soul mate could hear you.  When you are sending those feeling tones and those messages:  “I am ready for you” continue producing these thoughts in your day to day life and you will meet them first over the distance and then life.

If you have doubts about this soul mate connection, come to have a Psychic Reading.

soul mate connection

soul mate connection

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