How to Strengthen Father - Daughter Relationships

How to Strengthen Father – Daughter Relationships

As a father, you know that you love all of your children but you may feel more at ease hanging out and playing around with your sons. This is natural because it is easier to find things in common with your sons than your daughters. There is also a possibility that you are a bit intimidated with your daughters as you do not know how to deal with them.

Do you know that if you would seek out and try to understand your daughters better, you can have a better relationship with them? If you do not know where to start, you may always seek the help and guidance of a spiritual healer. You will be healed and at the same time, if there are some questions in your mind that you cannot answer yet, these questions will have clearer solutions. You will be able to focus more on building a great relationship with your daughter as you continue on with healing yourself.

According to some studies, daughters who have good relationships with their fathers normally end up being well rounded individuals. And, will show the following qualities:

  • They are normally more confident about themselves and how they look.
  • They are assertive and they know how to get what they want without stepping on other people in the process.
  • And they are more confident about building relationships and with your proper advice, they may be smarter in choosing their partners too.

You would want your daughters to become successful and independent one day. You have to realize that your relationship with your daughter will make a big difference on how well this would occur. At this point, you may be wondering how you can start building an improved and better relationship with your daughter. The good news is that you do not have to do anything drastic. You can take small steps at a time.

How to Strengthen Father - Daughter Relationships

How to Strengthen Father – Daughter Relationships

  1. Be active in caring for your daughter.

Being busy at work is no excuse for you to take your daughter for granted. From the very moment that your daughter is released in this world, you would like to provide her with the best that you can offer. Be active in caring for her and show her that like her mom, she can trust you with her life. The more time that you spend with her as a little girl, the easier it will be for you to continue building her relationship as she grows up.

  1. Listen to your daughter more.

If there is one difference that you would notice with sons and daughters is that daughters tend to talk more. They will talk about the things that they have experienced throughout the day and the things that they have learned in school. The things they may tell you may be very simple but it would mean a lot if you could lend them your ears and listen to what they have to say. By the time that they grow up, you will miss that they run to you in order to tell you all the latest news about school.

As they grow older, they will end up confiding with their friends more. If in case your daughter tells you a private story that she wants to be kept a secret, make sure that you will keep this secret. She will appreciate it a lot if you do not tell anybody about it.

  1. Write notes for your daughters.

There are a lot of fathers who do not want to do this because it can sound cheesy. But actually, notes can be very helpful for daughters. They will always be glad to get notes and letters from you and they will expect no less from the future partners that they may have when they grow older. Writing notes can also be a great way for you to express your love even if you are not too showy and touchy towards all of your children.

  1. Remember that your qualities will have an effect on what she would look for in a future partner.

The things that you do now and the things that you show your daughter will have an impact on the person that she will choose to be with in the future. This means that if you constantly show that you are caring and loving towards her and even her mother. She will look for a partner who is also sweet and loving. If you would be distant and cold, then she will look for a partner who barely shows her any love. If you have a good relationship with your daughter. You may have a better intuition about the people that she goes out with. You will know if some people are good for her or not.

  1. Continually become emotionally engaged with your daughter as she grows up.

There are a lot of fathers who have great relationships with their daughters at an early age. But the moment that they grow up, fathers may have a tendency to distance themselves away. Do not let this happen to you and your daughter. You can still be the same corny dad that she has always loved. Remember that even though your daughter’s body is already changing. She is still your daughter and it is okay for you to have a great father – daughter relationship.

  1. Tell your daughter that she is beautiful.

One of the things that daughters usually struggle with is their perception of themselves. A lot of times they feel ugly and fat because of the things that they see on television. You have to let your daughter know that she is beautiful for who she is. It does not matter what her body type is or how she looks like. What matters is how she is on the inside. Let your daughter know that inner beauty will always allow her to stand out from the crowd. It will make her even more beautiful as time goes by.

From the very first time that your daughter has been born into this world, it is your duty as her father to be there for her no matter what. Do not forget to attend important events in school. She will feel happy seeing you in the audience especially if she knows that you are normally busy in the office. The small things that you do can strengthen your relationship. And, the little things that you do will make you a great father to your daughters’ eyes.

How to Strengthen Father - Daughter Relationships

How to Strengthen Father – Daughter Relationships


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