Spiritual Awareness versus Materialistic Freedom

spiritual awareness versus materialism freedom

spiritual awareness versus materialism freedom

Today materials seem to take control of almost everything. Love and romance are increasingly defined by the degree of materialism involved, status in the society is accorded depending on the amount of material possession one has to his/her name, and success in life is benchmarked against material. In general materialism is gaining a core part in modern day living. Given the level of importance placed on materialism, it is highly possible that it can result to frustration of individuals. This can result to deterioration of the inner person and un-productivity at personal level among other negativities. So, how can you gain freedom from the materialism trap?

The solution towards escaping the material trap in a materialistic world lies in spiritual awareness. First – you need to realize that you are who you are and none compares to you. The primary reason why most people turn to materialism it to gain attention, respect, and authority, but do you know that the true attention, respect, and authority you can command from the people around you is determined by the inner person within you. It is the inner spiritual person within you that controls your personality, which is the primary tool when relating to your environment. Even though those who have material possessions might seem to gain attention, it is only a strategy employed by others as a way to somehow benefit from the materials.

To evade the materialism urge, you need to let go the thought that “they are better than you just because they have material possessions.” This thought causes low self esteem and self pity, and to overcome this, the urge to gain material possession takes over plunging you into the materialism trap. By eroding the thought that “they are better than me,” you gain the freedom you need to pursue your own and more objective purposes other than gaining material possessions. It is worth noting that, material possession will surely come when you are committed to your purposed objective. Moreover, material possession come more easily and without much struggle as a by the way, when you are committed to your spiritual purpose.

The realization that there are better aspects of life than materialism is the way towards evading the materialism trap. This realization comes from within and spiritually oriented. Given the benefits that materials seem to offer, it can be very difficult to escape this trap, but once the inner person undergoes spiritual awakening, the physical body follows and gains the freedom needed.  Freedom from the material trap means more and better vibrant happiness, which is refreshing, and strengthening for the archival of personal live purposes.

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