In the Six of Pentacles we may have doubts. Are you the one giving or receiving? The one standing or on bended knee?  It is a card of extremes. This is a card of having or not having, superiority or inferiority, being appreciated or being used, teaching or learning, hiring or firing.

The Six of Pentacles traditional associated meanings is charity or patronage –  After experiencing difficulties or finding yourself financially broke – someone has stepped in to help out.  The Six of Pentacles can simply suggest helping someone out in times of need.  Any help offered or received should come with no strings attached.   You may be loaning money to family or friends or donating to charity.  You could be giving of your time, resources, knowledge or expertise

The Six of Pentacles can also suggest windfalls, inheritances and the arrival of unexpected cash.  You may go from rags to riches overnight and see a massive change in circumstances.  Be wise how you spend or invest this money for what has come so easy can disappear just as easily too.  If you have come into a lot of money or won the lottery, remember to spread some of it around.  Money is energy and if not kept in circulation will stagnate and rot.  The Six of Pentacles Card is not necessarily giving money but could also be his time, affections and interest

The castle in the distance suggests that you may be helping through charity or donating to areas and people less well off. Make sure that you give for the right reasons and that there are no strings attached.  If there is a willing student, then offer to teach them or become a mentor.


The Six of Pentacles is often known as the Hiring and Firing Card. In the Upright, it is a positive indication that you are in the process of changing your job or applying for a new one.  You may also be approaching your boss for a salary raise or promotion.  Even though this Card shows the apparent wealth of one against the poverty of another, any employment arrangements will be fair and just.  The boss or owner makes his profits while the employee can pay his bills.  There is an exchange of money, energy or services.

If you are making big profits than it might be time to consider giving your staff a pay rise.  Also, seek opinions from your staff. Ask about their needs for you may learn a lot from this.  It might be time to invest some money in further training in the workplace.


The Six of Pentacles could indicate that one is dominated by the other, because of financial dependency. She, the wife, never sees a bill or bank statement and if she did would not know what to do with it anyway as he looks after all that side of things.  It is highly unlikely that she would even know what is in the bank account or how much he earns as he is in control and decides not only how much money she gets but also how much information she is privy to. He is a very controlling guy!

If you are divorcing the settlement should be fair and balanced, taking everyone’s needs into account but the scales will probably tip positively on your side.


Employment, Social Welfare, Charity, Sharing, Kindness, Generosity, Gifts, Assistance, Support, Donations, Community, Humanity, Being Compassionate, Sponsorship, Loans, Inheritance.

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