Seven of Cups – Minor Arcana

seven of cups

seven of cups

In the Seven of Cups, the same Figure that found comfort and solace from friends and family in the Six in an attempt to heal and come to terms with her loss.  In the Six, she took the time to find emotional stability with those who loved and cared for him.  And, In the Six, he took a nostalgic trip down memory lane reminiscing about his childhood, taking comfort from memories and innocence of her youth.  Now her wishes had been answered and emotional needs fulfilled.  Everyone was happy for her and toasted her joy and love.

In a psychic reading we have to consider that Multiple Choices is suggested in The Seven of Cups.  You may have several options or opportunities open to you at present but are bewildered by the variety of what is on offer.  Every option looks attractive and has its appeal leaving you confused and unable to make a decision. You will have to make a choice sooner or later but do give it some thought as what you decide on will ultimately affect you on an emotional level.  Don’t be influenced by those around you.  Try to focus in on what is important. You must take responsibility for your choice.


In a Career Spread you may be in a job that provides everything materially but does not emotionally fulfil you. After years working for a company you slowly start to feel bored and discontent leading you to explore other areas of your personality that have not yet been developed or catered for. It is time to examine all your career options and determine which would make you happy.  You may need to take some time off or a longer leave of absence in an attempt to find yourself career-wise.

If looking for a job, then several offers may come at the one time;  you will have to examine each offer thoroughly to determine which is best suited to you.  


In a Relationship psychic reading the Seven of Cups would suggest that all is not right or that something has changed. You may feel there is something missing in your relationship or feel emotionally unfulfilled. You might feel you have lost your personal identity within the relationship and wonder where it went too?

If looking for romance, you may be identifying your needs in a relationship and deciding what type of partner would be most suitable for.  What is it that you truly want in a relationship? What is it that will make you happy?

In the Seven of cups there may be a multiple choice of partners and the time has come to decide who will best fulfill your emotional needs.  Make sure you choose for all the right reasons.  This may confuse you so be very careful in your selection.


Soul Searching, Finding Out Where You Fit In, Self-Examination, Finding Yourself,  Self-Understanding,  Personal Fulfillment, Searching for Purpose, Emotional Needs, Being Honest with Yourself, Integration, Meditation,  Imagination, Daydreaming, Fantasies, Illusions, Multiple Choice, Options, Opportunities, Decisions, Choosing, Picking, Selecting.

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