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love self healing

love self healing

How do you feel when someone tells you they love you? It can be intimate love between couples, family love between the various members of a family, or love between friends. Even though intimate love is the one most commonly shared with words, the other types are normally manifested through action. It is not common that friends will verbally say they love you, but their action will describe it. When it is affectionate love or any other form of love, when you experience true love you feel refreshed, fulfilled, and rejuvenated, right? Well, this is how love helps to deliver healing to the self.

The first form of love that everyone, well, those who are fortunate to be born in a working family, receive is the unconditional parental love. This type of love has the benefits of being able to build the intrinsic person, mainly through its healing power to the self. True love that is given unconditionally brings comfort and well-being to the soul which heals the worries and the doubts caused by the biased consciousness, in mature persons. In children love serves to assure them that everything is in control, even when it is not.

So, for mature people, how do they get to benefit from love and unconditional love at that? It is no doubt that as one grows, the aspects of unconditional love is greatly declined due to the interests attached and skepticism.

The answer is simple and clear, through self love. So, do you love yourself sufficient enough to deliver healing? Well, whether you do or not, you can and can do it better through a number of ways. First, you can improve on self love through visionary. By visualizing the free and unconditional love, you can help the body to transition to self love and enable healing.

The most practical way of enabling self love is through play.

Self love is all about letting loose and caring less. However, the nature of play should be careful and none intensive. According to therapists, one of the known ways to enhance self love is through play with nature for example- playing with sand. This form of play can be considered childish – but the benefits are immense as it is a form of letting go and caring less allowing the self to find itself. (This could explain why couples in love are considered to be childish through the things they do.)

The other way is through drawing or any other form of art. Some of the most prolific artists have indicated that they tend to draw when they are uncomfortable with the objective being not only to draw, but you blow off and through such, they are able to find self peace.

So, which way to you think is appropriate for you? Get to find it and enhance self love which brings healing.

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