Psychic Healer Self Healing with Dance

Make a date with your inner “spiritual healer” dancing.  Dance…Dance…Dance… and increase the frequency of your vibrations. Become your own spiritual healer. Dancing is the oldest and most elementary form of spiritual expression; all the other forms of expression that we have come to know by the name of ART, have developed from dancing.

self-healing with dance

self-healing with dance

 Many of my clients keep asking“where and who is their spirit guide”? Probably this is a common question for a Psychic?
 How can they heal their own fears and emotions?  To answer this question I decided to write about my personal experience on how I met my spirit guide.At a very early age I was fascinated with music and dancing.  I didn’t know that both of them were clear ways of meditation, consequently a tool to boost my frequency.

Sometimes I felt that by moving I empowered my body – mind – and spirit. I was never good at gymnastics – but when music was on I started moving and”flying” with my imagination. I was unaware at the time that spiritual healing was taking place within me.


psychic healer self healing with dance

psychic healer self healing with dance


With today’s habits of sitting next to your computer or IPad, you slow down your energy levels.  When you do nothing but watch TV or play video games, you lose your motivation. There is a ball-room dance floor in every town; but, in fact, you can start dancing alone at home; use your Imagination and embrace a pillow… turn on the music loud and let it penetrate your soul. You do not need a dance-partner; to the opposite, a partner may be disruptive when it comes to boosting your energy.  Let the self healing begin.

psychic healer self-healing with dance

psychic healer self-healing with dance

If you’re alone…there’s no one watching… so don’t worry about looking odd, stupid or not in shape… just enjoy the music and go with the flow. Feel that you are “dancing with the stars” and you are a star moving graciously in the sky!  Feel your energy soar to the sky as you become one with the music.

Dance only for yourself and feel the freedom and the healing that only dancing to the music can give.

If you can’t dance due to physical limitations, dance in your mind and heart to receive the same benefits and start being your own personal “spiritual healer”. This technique is very old; remember the “tam-tam” of the aborigines to heal Mother Nature from dryness. Your spirit guides are waiting for you, the

moment you raise your vibrations they will embrace your soul, bringing the so wanted spiritual healing.  Embrace a pillow and dance with yourself!!

Self-healing begins with you. So what are you waiting for?  Dance!


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