Out of Body Experience

Emotions and Beliefs play a major part in your health and well-being

Out of Body Experience or Astral Travel can be achieved with meditation or other altered states of consciousness and the “near-death experiences”  are OBE.

This is when we “fly” out of our corporeal body bypassing the physical senses. You can call it “ascension“; usually occurs when we are resting, sleeping, dreaming and day-dreaming. Once you start ascending you can fly to the seven higher dimensions.

 Are you wondering whether you have ever had an out of body experience? 


  • With a regular meditation practice, you will be able to travel and fly on the astral plane and feel OBE.
  • Out of body experience is an altered state with a very clear and controlled level of conscious awareness.
  • Out of body experience is when day-dreaming of making love with the new flame.
  • Out of body experience may separate mind and physical body, and eventually blend the mind with a higher power.
out of body experience

out of body experience

  • In near-death experiences OBE enables to fly into new perspectives and dimensions, although this may not require conscious control, if the person is close to an encounter with death (medical occasions) and then lives to tell the tale.  Many survivors had similar experiences with greater change in values and a stronger belief in the possibility of an afterlife. However, all report an increase in their intuitive and psychic abilities.
  • Metaphysical Healing navigates in your own thoughts. 

If you are willing to develop your intuition and recycle your thoughts, no after death experience is required, just

start meditating or fall in love again

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