open your consciousness learning tarot

open your consciousness learning tarot

It is common knowledge that consciousness is a vital aspect of live and living that you can’t afford to overlook. Nevertheless, the problem is normally how to engage and operationalize consciousness. There are a number of ways and one of these is through learning tarot. The tarot has a number of benefits which aggregate to enhance the use of consciousness. But first, what is consciousness and is it the same thing as the mind? Well, the two are distinct things. While the mind is a setting of the environment, consciousness is the nature of a person.

The mind changes with environment as it is a product of culture, education, experiences, and the influence of those who around a person, but consciousness is the wisdom that which an individual uses to gauge his/her environment and uses it to associate with the surroundings. How does learning tarot open consciousness? This is normally through the skills required in learning tarot and the results of the same. These skills are related to consciousness. The first is gaining clarity. Learning tarots is crucial in inclining with the truth. Regardless of whichever situation you are in, you can’t avoid the truth through tarot. Likewise, consciousness is driven with clarity as it is founded on the true nature of a person, which can also been referred to as intuition.

By exercising truth, a person is able to reach and open up their consciousness, their intuition, and their true self. Tarot learning has the potential of highlighting part of you that needs work. As earlier indicated, there is the mind and the consciousness. The mind is influenced by the surroundings and when overwhelmed, you might not know where to begin. If this happens, then learning tarot is a sure way to highlight the overwhelmed parts then you have a clear way on where to start and how to go about it. Closely related to highlighting the parts that need work is providing peace.

Learning tarots provides you with peace that oozes from within. Once the parts that need work have been highlighted and worked on, it is essential that you prevent other parts from being overwhelmed or previously worked on parts from being re-overwhelmed. This is best done through creating a peaceful environment.

Tarot knowledge will provide different solutions even for a single problem, and thus provide you with the expertise and the openness for making different and difficult decisions. Learning tarots will provide you with a level mind and the democracy to make decisions without fear, which is the essence of consciousness. Lastly yet importantly, learning tarots will open your consciousness by improving your life. There are different levels of operation and the level you are at will affect your output. When you have an improved life, you lead an improved lifestyle, make improved decisions, and thus, are able to access and exercise consciousness fully.

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