Nine of Pentacles – Minor Arcana



The Nine of Pentacles indicates you have reached a point in your life. Where you are feeling self-confident, self-sufficient, independent and free. By acting on your own accord, you have attained:

  • well-deserved success and
  • may now enjoy
    • money,
    • leisure time,
    • pleasure,
    • material comfort and
    • rest.

You have worked hard to get here, so now, sit back and relax and enjoy some of life’s luxuries.

The Nine of Pentacles can predict a time of restraint, poise and grace. The figure in the card is very lady-like and refined. She lives a comfortable, luxurious lifestyle and is able to keep herself looking ‘nice’. This is a time when you need to carry yourself with grace and refinement, and to be tactful and diplomatic in your dealings with others.

In a psychic reading the Nine of Pentacles also suggests that you are in harmony with the nature that is around you. You have an appreciation for the beauty and abundance found in nature. You are able to harness this energy to bring pleasure into your life.


In a psychic reading, the Nine of Pentacles can imply business in the areas of luxury items, refine arts.

The business of life is important, but we don’t have to focus on practical matters all the time. We can also enjoy the finer things of life. This Card may suggest retirement or that you no longer have to work as hard as you did in the past.  You may be ready to step back from your business and let your children take over. Your business will be in good hands for you have taken care of every last detail. You should be very proud of yourself and take a well-earned break.


A mature and independent woman may have come into your life. She will be refined, graceful and sophisticated. She will not be so ready and willing to fall in love or let you into her life. However, this may be comfortable, successful and very financially sound relationship.


Finally you are enjoying financial security! Success, Profits, Better Than Expected, Prosperity, Wealth, Financial Stability, Financial Strength, Business Giant, Securing Your Future, Flourishing, Thriving, Abundance, Luxury, Quality, Expensive, Comfort, Contentment, Property, Land, Countryside, Possessions, Investments, Maturity, Wisdom, Mature Woman, Refinement, Elegance, Grace, Noble, Sophistication, Beauty, Pampering, Indulging, Alone but Not Lonely,  Pregnancy, Birth, Menopause, Vacation, Retirement, Protection, Security.


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