Nine of Cups – Minor Arcana



The Nine of Cups brings joy – abundance and party time!

  • Great inner happiness
  • self-confidence and
  • self-esteem are expressions of abundance too

Those suggested with this Card. It heralds a time when you understand the importance of finding inner-happiness. You are high at the moment:

  • on the crest of a wave,
  • with pure positivity and
  • optimism.

This Card suggests such euphoria. You may find this difficult to be true.

The Nine of Cups can suggest emotional maturity and the understanding of what is important and what is not. It is a time for seeing the bigger picture in life and for truly knowing. What it is you have been looking for or where you want to be and what you want to do. It can suggest a time for moving away from an old style of living that was based more on other’s wants, needs and expectations.

In a psychic reading the Nine of Cups suggests that it is all about you at the moment.


You are the best times of your business. You finally got the promotion you deserved!


The Nine of Cups refers to enjoying the pleasures of the flesh and feeling sexually alive. In relationships it suggests a healthy sex life and feeling sexually confident. You are happy in your skin and at peace with who you are.  With no personal hang-ups or distorted body image you are free to enjoy a wonderful sex life with your partner.

Passion, sensuality and making love will be high on your list of priorities right now.  Along with romance, mutual respect, communication and regular physical contact with your partner will seal the bond on a strong relationship.


  • Accomplishments, Achievement, Drinking,
  • Eating, Emotional Maturity, Emotionally Fulfilled,
  • Happiness, High Entertaining, High Self-Esteem, Hospitality, Host,
  • Inner Happiness, Luxury, Over-indulging,
  • Pampering, Parties, Pleasure, Prosperous,
  • Rewards, Self-Confident, Socializing and
  • Success, Wishes Abundance.

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