New Year Resolutions of Spiritual Growth for You in 2018

new year resolutions of spiritual growth

new year resolutions of spiritual growth for you in 2018

The New Year

Is yet another cultural re-interpretation of the primal cycle of life, yet another symbol of death and rebirth, of renewal, of taking back control of your existence, and of spiritual healing. Coming at the very end of the holiday season, it allows us to reset our inner clocks, reassess the situation, see what was good in the past 365 days, but also observe what went wrong.

It is the time of celebration,

Of forgiveness, generosity, and compassion. Those of us more spiritually inclined tend to perform small rituals. Indulge in some self-exploration, perhaps perform energy healing to get ready for what lies ahead. In addition to that, almost none of us can avoid setting at least some New Year resolutions.

These are

A staple of just about everyone’s holiday routine and allow us to evaluate our lives, make plans, firmly decide on what we want to change, improve and achieve, and hopefully commit to actually sticking to them. Maybe exercising our will power should top the list? Quite possibly so. But here are some others…

Seize every opportunity

As the Tarot Wheel of Fortune keeps turning, the worst thing that can happen to us is to look back and see an endless line of chances we have missed in life and realize that our existence could have been a lot better if we had had the courage to reach for the stars. Your process of spiritual healing and personal awakening can thus begin with a promise to yourself that you will always take a chance, always seize the opportunity, and give that wild idea of yours a go, no matter how crazy it may seem. The road to happiness is sometimes through byways, by taking a gamble, by risking it all to take a chance on your dream.

Watch for the signs

Often, we go through life as if on auto-pilot, automatically performing tasks presented to us without giving them a millisecond of thought. With such a mode of being in place, we often overlook the things our loved us tell us, the signals those around us send, and even the signs from a source of divine wisdom. Because of this, a good New Year resolution to write down might be to slow down and actually listen, listen to what your higher self and your guardian angels have to tell you. Whether you try this through tarot, meditation, or any other method is up to you – but keep your eyes open and your ears perked up at all times.

Be compassionate

Neglecting personal relationships for the sake of work is one of the major mistakes we make in our lives. There is no greater reward than giving itself, no better compensation than being generous, no more intense emotional satisfaction than showing compassion to those that need it the most – be they friends or strangers. Through being kind and well-intended to our fellow creatures, we are sending a special form of energy healing that is helping all sides involved grow and progress on their path to perfection. By showing our most loving and humane face of the world, we help it become a better place.

Embrace true freedom through spiritual healing

The time around New Year is excellent for self-reflection but also for looking into the future. Looking forward to what awaits us and being hopeful and upbeat about it. The power of positive thinking thus cannot possibly be understated. With regular practice, it can become the core motor of our very being and our spiritual development. Try committing to purging all harmful, negative thoughts and see what happens. You might be surprised.

Heal yourself

Do you sometimes feel like a warrior fresh out of the battle even if you’re “only” been doing the chores? Does taking care of your children occasionally seem like a lion tamer’s job? Often, we overlook the signals our own body is sending us and keep going until we quite literally drop. This is why taking time to heal and actively working on it is of paramount importance for our overall well-being. No matter whether it is energy healing, spiritual healing, reiki, chakra balancingTheta or any other such technique – it can help you tremendously in regaining your ground. and again being able to run with the best of them.

Take your soul seriously

As already mentioned, you need to listen to your body but also need to listen to your soul. Whatever it may be telling you – whether it is its innate need for time in nature, its want of companionship. And, its urge for a creative outlet – you ought to see that it gets it. Satisfying your innermost being is a form of energy healing, of getting your entire system back in sync. And is something that is innately beneficial to both you and those around you. What you emanate is what you are likely to attract.

Help others by learning the secrets of energy healing

Another New Year resolution that you may want to consider is finding a new way to help others. What better way to do so than to learn some form of energy healing or spiritual healing? If you find yourself stuck, you can always treat a friend to the services of a professional (bear in mind that even long-distance sessions as possible!). But also make an effort to hone your own skills and give such a noble effort a try. Therefore, you never know if you may have a hidden talent lurking inside you that you never even imagined existed. In conclusion, it is definitely an interesting spiritual practice to explore.

Including any of the above mentioned ideas into your New Year resolutions is bound to bring  positive transformational change into your life. Becoming more in sync with the world around you as well as the planes above will serve as a form energy healing as well as spiritual healing and allow you to progress on your path through life feeling fulfilled by the present and hopeful for the future. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

new year resolutions of spiritual growth

new year resolutions of spiritual growth for you in 2018


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