the new consciousness

the new consciousness


The New Consciousness is all concerning finding the realism of who you are – regarding learning how to live your life with insight as well as with peace of mind and heart as you grow both personally and spiritually.

Quantum physics is connected to consciousness. Holistic healing is activated through Quantum physics while its done with frequencies and vibrations.  The brain is a bodily organism that spreads electrochemical signal. These are clarified by biochemistry and, eventually, are related to the basic electromagnetic behavior of molecules and atom, which are ordered by the law of quantum physics.

In the similar way that each physical system is ruled by quantum physical law, the brain is definitely governed by them also and consciousness – which is evidently in some way connected to the operation of the brain – must thus be related to the quantum physical process going on inside the brain.

What we require so as to push through to the approaching spiritual renaissance is a paradigm move in human thoughts and perception, a conscious progression in detection of the interconnectedness of all stuff—a new mind for a novel world. Examining new finding in quantum physics plus quantum biology on the inter connectivity of all life in addition to opportunity for us to revive our sleeping souls and grow consciously, this article offers a glimpse of the new worldwide society to come, a renewed humankind for the 21st century, and how we could each participate through the procedure of planetary revolution.

By giving sense to our decision-making, through weighing it in provisions of whether. This corresponds to the deep truths of who we are, we progress in the way of deep our consciousness. Such a life has reward which accrues to those who select accountability over self-abandonment. All of these awards can be summarized in one speech – “love”. This is one that we could make now, at this instant of standing at the point of a new era and a new means of being in life.

At its deepest height, if we are to address the connected social, environmental, and even spiritual crisis. We must address the well springs of human loving, motivation, and societal identity. To recognize these issues, we should seek the aid of fields not frequently associated with ecological issues.

We have several sophisticated scientific as well as policy analyses of weather change, species loss. And other ecological issues, however our situation as well requires the knowledge and understanding of psychologist and philosopher. Historians and humanists, poets and preachers to help us see and commune hard truths and inspire personage and social alteration.

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