Mother is your Intuitive Counselor, because your Mother is psychic!


Happy Mother's Day

Mother is your intuitive counselor, because you mother is psychic

Happy Mother’s Day!

It is a well-known fact that a mother’s love is something that you cannot replicate nor compensate for through anything else in the world. A maternal figure’s gentle touch, attentive ear, loving heart and an almost psychic ability to understand our thoughts and emotions are the cornerstone of our existence and the pillar of our happiness further in life. Even if someone’s biological mother is not around, they are still more than likely to have a person to fulfill the role and guide them to maturity. We all need this sort of intuitive counselor and we all most definitely deserve it. Our mothers are our greatest treasure so it is no wonder that we take at least one day in a year to shine the spotlight on those that matter to us the most. May 10th is the day the effort and selfless love of mothers is celebrated all around the globe. The day dedicated to them has existed in some shape since time immemorial and, in its current form, it is celebrated in the U.S. since the early 20th century. While every day of the year ought to be a perpetual celebration of the kindness, selflessness, intuition and generosity of mothers, we still use May 10th to put particular emphasis on these wonderful women.


Your mother is psychic – she always knows how you feel

Have you ever been in a situation in which something was bothering you, giving you sleepless nights, but you still soldiered on and kept a brave face for the sake of those around you? Many of us will recall such instances in which only our mothers could see through such a mask – using the intuition akin to that of a real psychic reader – immediately detecting that something is wrong. The level of honesty and emotional nakedness we are able to present to our birth-givers is perhaps unparalleled. Your mother can help you with your relationships, guide you through emotional healing, and so much more. She is like the High Priestess and the Empress every Tarot reader is familiar with – both combined into a single celestial entity that presides over your life and your mental and emotional well-being. Having such an intuitive counselor in your life is invaluable and it is important that you cherish it.

Mother is your intuitive counselor, because mother is your psychic

The Empress Tarot is your Mother

Mother is your Intuitive Counselor, because your Mother is psychic!

Use your intuition to pick a gift for Mother’s Day

No one knows you like your mother does but the reverse can also sometimes ring true. There is perhaps no other person on Earth you have spent your time with more than your mother – especially if you are very young. This is something you ought to remind yourself of, especially when trying to pick the right gift for her. This is a task that hardly requires psychic abilities although some intuition may come in handy. You are likely to already know what her likes and dislikes are, what she wants and needs and what sort of gift or experience might make her truly happy. Buying a luxury perfume, spending some time in nature together, or creating something unique for her that she will cherish forever are but a few of the possibilities out there. Let your imagination run wild and see what it comes back with. And, if all else fails, your mother will love you no matter what.


Visit a Tarot reader together

Often times, the right gift will not be a thing, an object, a token of gratitude in material form, but can instead present itself as an experience. Even better if this little journey proves to be of spiritual nature! Why not go see a psychic reader together? Regardless of whether you opt for a Tarot reader or a practitioner experienced in Theta healing or Reiki – or a completely different sort of adventure altogether, connecting with the Divine Feminine – this could be a fun, deeply enlightening, intuition boosting and spiritually soothing event. While it can lead to greater clarity and spiritual enlightenment, visiting a psychic or intuitive counselor of any kind can also be a genuinely fun experience for everyone involved. If you approach it with an open mind and a receptive soul, both you and your mother are likely to reap great benefits from it.

Your mother is your intuitive counselor

Of course, whatever is it that you decide to do to make your mother happy – the process is likely to go both ways? She would not be what she is if she didn’t devote every bit of her being to uplifting you and making sure you are well. She must’ve proven it a thousand times – saving you from panic attacks, soothing your emotional pain – she is probably well capable of realigning all of your chakras with a single word or gesture. Her love and compassion, intuition and understanding know no limits. She will always be there to offer you advice and support, no matter what. Even if your mother has passed on, you can still find a way to tap into the pool of her wisdom and guidance – either through prayer, meditation or even some unorthodox means of communicating with those beyond the veil. A psychic reader or an intuitive counselor may be of use here but you can also do it on your own.

Mother is your intuitive counselor, because mother is your psychic


Of course, there are countless other ways to connect or reconnect with your mother or with any other figure in your life that deserves the honor of holding this title. If you haven’t done so in a while, now is the time to grab the phone or, better still, get in the car, on a plane, and go pay her a visit. She is sure to be delighted to see you and catch up. Sometimes, it is only an attentive ear that is needed, a gentle touch, a truly mindful attitude and an open heart. This is all that any of us needs anyway, especially mothers who have given us so much already.


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