Love Healing Power 2

Love Healing Power 2

You cannot create love

Love has to happen; it cannot be created with our logical understanding and decision. That is why; the whole world uses the symbol of love as heart not head. Logical thinking happens in our head, but when the real love happens, we do not know the reason, just feel connected. When the real love happens, we overflow with so much of energy that we will have the courage to share, whatever we have, with others. Whether it is time, talent, pleasure, or energy, only when we are overflowing we can share it. Love happens only naturally, never through compulsion. If we try to create love, it will be like opening the petals of the flower to make it bloom. Can it be called flowering? No. Love is a flower it blossoms deep within our being and sends out sweet fragrance that we share with others.

Love Healing Power

Love healing power, because love has the power of healing. Love can do lot of good things for the body and mind. Even caring pet animals releases a hormone in us that allows us to live at ease with our body. If caring for our pet animals does so much in our system, surely caring for the husband or wife will do lot more! All types of restlessness happen in a man’s body and mind can be healed with love.

Types of tension or restlessness and healing

  1. The first kind of restlessness or tension happens due our circumstances. Sometimes in a particular place or situation, we feel restless. When we move away from those circumstances, we feel comfortable. Even in those uncomfortable circumstances, if we show just a gesture of love to someone, or if someone shows a gesture of love to us, things become instantly better for us. Examples of these types of situations are while we are in the interview hall, in a new office or in a group of new people etc.
  2. The second type of restlessness is physical. It is nothing but a constant tension in our body for no particular reason. This can be released when we show love to somebody. We may ask, “How can love take away physical restlessness? Example, A mother takes care of the child will feel continuously rejuvenated because of love, in spite of the child driving her crazy. Otherwise taking care of a child is not an easy job! Any tension in the body disappears when we care for somebody, when we smile at somebody, when we express love through body language. Understand, whenever we express love, we express energy and we become a channel for healing.
  3. Third form of tension is mental and which can be healed by love very easily. Mental tension is purely intellectual. Research indicates that when we play with pets or children, we reduce the possibility of heart attack and any other fatal diseases. Even reading this Home Opiate Plan. article can heal many psychological problems we are carrying which we do not want to disclose and discuss. A proper understanding about love can resolve so many issues and problems and can open new perspective in our life.
  4. The fourth form of restlessness is emotional. Emotional restlessness cannot be controlled or healed by just a few kind words of consolation. It can be healed only when we express love; it floods our being with energy. Negative emotional are like high-resolution pictures in a hard disk. If there are too many high-resolution pictures, the hard disk crashes. Love can convert these high-resolution pictures into simple text documents and millions of documents we can handle with ease.
  5. Love Healing Power

Most of us do not love our self and society never taught this to us. When we do not love our self – we become cynical and negative towards life. Unless you love yourself – how can you love others? How can a blind show path to others? How can a beggar make other person rich? How can a manager manage his subordinates when he is not able to manage himself? How can you love others when you do not love yourself? Just having an idea to make others rich alone, does not have any significance or meaning; the beggar has to become rich to implement the idea of making others rich. The manager should be capable enough to manage and handle his own emotions and problems in the life. Unless this happens, he will create problem for his subordinates and for himself, however hard he tries. The same principle applies to LOVE also.

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