Intuition is Non Linear Thinking 

Modern souls are today day-dreamers because they live in a brand new dimension, the 5th.Dimension.

Born with a New Consciousness, they think in a Non Linear way, meaning they thinking is non-sequential, random and full of complexity.

There is no logical progression from one thought to the next, because non linear thinking is never tied to a pattern based upon prior experiences.
intuition is non linear thinking

intuition is non linear thinking

A linear thinker does not apply to creativity and often presupposes that there are minimal outcomes when solving a problem. This additive thinker does not allow thinking to create new resources and outcomes.

Most schools and workplaces still apply to linear thinking, for example performance is at most measured by grades and testing.  As a result a non linear thinker has a difficult time in today’s schools and education system.

In the workplace, decisions about future products and markets are immediately based on statistics or previous successes.

Skeptics of the intuitive non-linear mindset are people who refuse to acknowledge any kind of thought that can not be explained through rational understanding and linear thinking. They desperately seek the answers to all through the established laws of physics.


Intuition is Non Linear Thinking

Famous non linear thinkers are: Bill Gates with MS-DOS and Windows, Tim Patterson with Microsoft, Steve Jobs with Apple, and many more intuitive non-linear thinkers who were communication era founders and at the same time  school dropouts.

The New Consciousness unfolds a greater change of  mind-set, from Linear Thinking  to Intuitive Non-Linear Thinking, enabling ourselves with pride of being creative “out of the box thinkers”.


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